Salted Caramel Buckwheat Pancakes

Chilly mornings and busy schedules are calling for our Salted Caramel Buckwheat Pancakes, as our go to smoothie can dampen our digestive fire which we need to keep roaring, especially this time of year. Buckwheat has worked its way through the ‘health and wellness’ scene in recent times, thanks to its rich digestible protein content, gluten-free stamp of approval, an abundance of antioxidants and hearty source of vitamins and minerals.

Starting our days with movement, followed by a nourishing meal to replenish the ‘damage’ just done and fuel your mind for the day ahead is oh so very important. How do we achieve this?

The right ratio of complex carbs + lean protein + high-quality fats of course. This is where our Salted Caramel Buckwheat Pancakes do not only get that salivary amylase going just thinking about devouring them, but they will keep you full for a long time to support your bodies needs. 

Although the name suggests ‘wheat’ buckwheat is, in fact, a member of the Polygonaceae family of plants, completely unrelated to grains that do contain gluten hooray!

We like to prepare our very own fresh buckwheat flour and it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Simply place 1 cup of organic buckwheat groats (aka buckwheat kernels) into a high powered blender, blend for 10 seconds and wallah you have 1 cup of fresh buckwheat flour.

In these pancakes, we have added some organic free-range eggs for extra protein and choline to support your nervous system, energy production, the structural integrity of your cells and support your metabolism and liver function. The inclusion of sunflower seeds was a sneaky way to provide yourself and your children with added antioxidants, thyroid support and blood sugar balance.

Now we make our way onto the incredible salted caramel sauce, using our NEW salted caramel superfood latte powder. It’s a dreamy combination of all things nice, featuring blood sugar stabilising Mesquite and energy balancing Maca. We paired it with medjool dates and tahini to create a sauce that is something else. Feel free to go wild with this sauce, we like to drizzle it on our ‘nice cream’ add it to smoothies or use it to make salted caramel chocolate bark when friends come over.

Feel free to add any other toppings you desire, we love poached pears this time of year while they are in season, however, toasted coconut flakes, cooked banana and even frozen raspberries are a nice addition.

Download the free recipe mini e-book below!

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