10 Quick Tips to Freshen up After Over-Indulgence

Overindulgence strikes even the most health-conscious of us at times. We can give you tips on how not to overindulge, but let’s face it, at this time of year most of us do despite all common sense telling us not to. However there are consequences – you will recognise these symptoms – a full uncomfortable feeling in the belly; a lethargic feeling in the body; a sluggish feeling in the mind; a low mood; a lack of desire to move… and a craving for more!

We’re not slaves to our cravings. Give yourself permission to thoroughly enjoy the “pleasures” of indulgence, but let’s take some actions to reduce the negative impacts in your body and mood and flip that cycle so we’re moving into a more positive space, rather than continuing to spiral downwards towards more and more consumption and lower and lower moods.

It’s time to flick the switch baby.

Here’s 10 Quick Tips that you can do to freshen up. Don’t overwhelm yourself – you don’t have to do them all – just pick a couple that feel achievable and we challenge you to commit to doing them every day of this silly season to truly brighten up your Christmas spirits.


It’s a simple one friends … but make sure you actually do it. After a day of indulging drink a few glasses of water before you go to bed, have one next to your bed if you wake during the night and drink at LEAST 2 glasses when you first wake up in the morning (even more if you can manage it). Add in a squeeze of lemon to give your body that extra support.


Another simple one here – you’ve been practicing this since the day you were born. But let’s make it conscious and effective. This allows your body to become fully oxygenated and making you feel energised. It is a powerful tool for freshening up. A huge amount of detoxification happens through the breath too so really make the most of it.


Go for a Walk

Move your body, get out there in the fresh air. Committing to going for a walk is a good place to start with exercise because there is low resistance to doing it. Once you have started you might just feel so good you break into a light jog for a bit. Try going for a walk before you go to bed or after you’re evening meal if possible, and/or first thing in the morning.

Do Yoga

Many yoga postures, such as twists, work specifically on detoxifying the internal organs. Doing yoga will also encourage you to breathe deeply, help you to slow down and connect with your body, bringing you back into balance.  

Swim in the Ocean

Ain’t nothing like freshening up by diving into the ocean. As well as the benefits of being immersed in the cold, the ocean itself also has a detoxifying effect. Take the time to lay on your back and float and really be present. Many of us are blessed to have the ocean on our doorstep so make the most of it!

Drink a green juice or smoothie

Powerfully alkalising, fresh green juice or smoothie will help bring your body back into balance after overindulgence (which usually sends your body acidic)

Eat Light

Now here’s a bit of a no-brainer that we often overlook … after you have overindulged wait until you are actually hungry before you eat again! We are so trained to eat 3-5 meals a day but guess what, just because it’s “lunchtime” if you’re not hungry you don’t have to eat! You may like to try having a fresh salad, soup or smoothie instead of a full meal.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are powerful mood enhancers. Try diffusing a blend of peppermint and citrus to instantly energise yourself and lift your spirits.

Drink Herbal tea

There are many herbal teas that will gently support your body’s natural processes after over-indulgence. You could try our Be Light Tea otherwise peppermint, ginger, fennel, or other detoxification or digestive blends that you can find at the supermarket or health food store (try to get organic!).

Connect to Yourself

The more connected we are the better decisions we can make for our highest good. Carve out some time for yourself, whether that is meditating, journaling or a walk on the beach. In these times when our mind is quiet, we can feel more present in our bodies and make more aligned choices.

Author: Sol Cleanse

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