Drinking Celery Juice to Improve Gut Health

Celery is often known for its bland and boring nature, where most of us spruce it up with some glorious peanut butter to make it a little more appetising. However, little did we know that the oh so humble celery is thought to contain an abundant source of healing properties, especially for chronic disease and gut health.

When we juice celery, we are able to consume far greater quantities than if we were to munch on it raw, as we would be there allllll day long. Dedicated yes, practical not so muchโ€ฆ

Organic Celery juice

So Why Solo Celery Juice?

While some of our green juices contain celery, consuming pure organic celery juice on its own functions much differently than when combined with other green goodness such as kale, apples, parsley, spinach, and lemon. For optimal results, it is suggested to consume pure celery juice upon waking on an empty stomach to allow it to strengthen your gut for the food that is to come for the day ahead.

Celery is a rich source of mineral salts that act as a natural antiseptic and celery also has the rumoured ability to starve off pathogens (disease-causing virus, bacteria or microorganism). Yay for good gut health!ย With all of that being said, we thought we would simplify it as much as possible and dive into the top 5 benefits of pure celery juice. These include;

Drinking Celery Juice Improves Gut Health

Celery juice contains an incredible source of sodium that assist in the removal of toxins from the body. This process helps the body to heal and regenerate the stomach lining, which helps to reduce bloating and flatulence, improve immune function, improve mood and increase nutrient absorption. Anthony Williams AKA โ€˜The Medical Mediumโ€™ suggests drinking 500ml of fresh celery juice every morning upon waking to transform your health and digestion, where results can be seen and felt in as little as one week.

Drinking Celery Juice is Extremely Detoxifying

In the world we live in today, our bodies are constantly being exposed to harmful chemicals. This is not something to be scared about, rather something to be aware of to try to reduce the number of chemicals we come into contact with. This is why we are so very passionate about eating organic produce!ย ย When the bodies alkaline/acid pH balance is out of whack, a result of poor eating habits, minimal movement, and toxic exposure. Therefore, adding pure celery juice to our diet can help to support the elimination of toxins via our kidneys. During this process, the kidneys are able to remove calcium deposits which can form on the joints when our toxic load becomes far too much for the body to handle.

Drink Celery Juice for Strong Bones

Thanks to celeryโ€™s rich source of calcium, ย silicon and Vitamin K content, these nutrients provide incredible building blocks of strong bones. Therefore, adding more celery juice into your life is thought to help to keep such diseases like Osteoporosis at bay and provide a strong skeletal system for years to come

Drinking Celery Juice Soothes Inflammation

I think by now you can see how many incredible benefits the humble celery juice contains, displaying an array of anti-inflammatory properties to help manage and support a long list of dis-ease in the body. For those who suffer with auto-immune diseases such as Hashimotoโ€™s, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Acne, Eczema, GERD and Reflux just to name a few, adding celery juice into your diet could really help to decrease all of that inflammation that is going on inside of your body.

Drinking Celery Juice is Incredible to Cleanse your Blood

Coumarins are specific compounds that have the incredible ability to promote white blood cells within the vascular system, this helps to reduce blood pressure and purification of the blood. Celery contains a rich source of coumarins which provide it with the ability to be a fantastic way to cleanse your blood. It is just mind-blowing, isnโ€™t it!

So if you feel called to making celery juice one of your daily habits to nourish your mind and body, click here to order our 100% pure organic celery juice packs which are delivered twice a week!

Please note that if you require additional support, please discuss with your chosen natural health practitioner.

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