Learn How to Sync your Period with the Moon

As humans, we are innately drawn to the beauty of the moon – with all her mysteries – as she eternally moves through her phases, subtly (and sometimes more powerfully!) influencing us. As women, we can particularly relate to the moon’s phases as she waxes and wanes, as they are so aligned with our own. When we become more conscious of the moon’s cycle we can create a greater sense of reverence and understanding for our own shifting energies, moods and cycles.

One of the most powerful ways to come into harmony with the lunar cycles is to observe our menstrual cycles and how they relate. The lunar cycle and menstrual cycle are closely linked, and when we are in complete harmony we will usually menstruate around the new moon and ovulate around the full moon (although for some women it is the opposite). When we are living simply, spending a lot of time in connection with nature most women’s cycles will naturally sync with the moon. But in modern times with stress, light pollution (from light other than natural lighting that confuses our natural hormone production), and urban living it is harder to find that natural rhythm.

syncing period with the moonImage via: Annisa Tiara Utami


So if you are about connecting with yourself to a deeper level, see our suggestions below to help you sync your period with the moon;

  1. Become aware of the moon and what phase it is in. Try and get outside every evening to look at the sky.  Apps can really help you determine which phase is when and what each phase means spiritually. Try:
    1. Clue – Menstrual Tracker (FREE)
    2. Moon – Current Moon Phase (FREE)).
  2. Minimise light pollution by lighting your space in the evening with pink Himalayan salt lamps or candles and stop using screens as early in the evening as possible.
  3. Sleep with your curtains open and allow the moonlight to shine through your windows.
  4. Immerse yourself in nature daily and feel that glorious sunlight on your skin (a gentle walk is a perfect remedy).
  5. Practice moon rituals, we love to structure our journalling around each moon cycle – on the Full Moon reflect on the things are you creating and bringing forth in your world, whereas, during the New Moon cycle reflect on what your intuition is telling you – inviting you to dive within.

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