Climate Change – a Reframe

Climate change is a hot topic (pun intended) at the moment, as it should be. Unfortunately the conversation is often laden with fear and climate change statistics that we either don’t understand or feel disconnected from, which can create a sense of doom and gloom and powerlessness. Because of this, most people’s natural impulse is to push it away and be resistant to changing their ways or taking action. 

It is our intention to reframe this conversation for you. To come from a place of love and empowerment, instead of fear. Rather than look at it as a climate crisis conversation, let’s collectively put our energy into finding ways to love and honour our planet and ourselves more. Because when you come from a place of love and reverence there is no way that you can do any harm. We acknowledge the seriousness of the global warming situation that we are facing, but see this as an amazing opportunity to re-harmonise with ourselves and with nature. 

Over the last hundred or so years as a society we have been driven to consume, thirsty for power and status and developing machines and technology to avoid laborious work  (working behind a desk to earn money to buy food, clothes etc rather than making them ourselves). But in doing so we have created a disconnect from ourselves, from our purpose, from community, and from nature itself. And the earth is suffering for it.

The question for you is do you feel good? Are you on purpose? Do you feel in harmony with yourself and others? And do you feel in harmony with nature?

If you don’t, herein lies the opportunity. We are here at an incredibly privileged time. For most of us all our survival needs are being met – we have a roof over our heads, food to eat, clothes to wear, education and opportunity. This gives us spaciousness to then consider our choices, and to acknowledge that the decisions we have been making and the actions that we have been taking may not have been really serving us, our community or the planet. We are at a point now where the blinkers are coming off.

The “old” ways haven’t been working so what shall we create now? 

Climate change is a hot topic (pun intended) at the moment, as it should be. You can take action on climate change right now by considering the following.

At Sol Cleanse our mission is to bring people into connection with pure nutrition, to journey towards a deeper connection to self, which leads to a deeper connection to nature and the recognition that we are all connected. It’s our belief that the solution needs to start right here with you – by first loving yourself more.

In our essence we ARE nature, so by loving and caring for yourself the more aligned your choices become towards also loving and caring for the planet. And when you are at that place you find yourself compelled to take the environmentally conscious actions that perhaps may previously have caused resistance and felt overwhelming or unachievable for you, and you find that these actions just become a normal and joyful part of your everyday life. 

This article is intended to inspire you. First to loving and connecting to yourself and nature more, and then to empower you with some actionable things you can do to demonstrate your love of the earth a little more… step by step as you feel moved. Every time you make a choice, it matters. And each individual that chooses to love themselves and the Earth helps others to do the same, and together communities of people can make a large difference. 

So what can you do?

Climate Change Solutions

Love yourself more
  • Take time to pause everyday to be with yourself. Ask yourself the question – “what do I need to do right now to love myself more?” and then do that!
  • Bring awareness to your decisions and actions – are they in alignment with what you really want? With what truly fulfils you? Or are there things you need to do differently to come into greater alignment?
  • Take time to learn more about yourself – what is it that truly brings you joy? Pay attention as you go about your life to the moments when you feel happy and content – it might surprise you as it’s often not the “pleasure-seeking” activities that you might think. 
Love nature more
  • Take time to really appreciate the natural world as you go about your daily life. Acknowledge the blue sky, the plant on the side of the road, the bird singing in the tree. Bring awareness to the beauty around you.
  • Spend time in a natural environment, basking in the presence of nature and being in wonder and awe of the magnificence of mother earth. 
  • Give gratitude to the planet and everything it provides us with.
  • Create a deep connection to nature so making decisions and taking actions that are kind to the environment come with ease. 
Eat consciously

The way we eat impacts on how we feel and this has a flow on effect on our quality of life and the choices we make. Looking beyond ourselves, more healthful foods for us are generally also more healthful for the environment. Some of the things to consider:

  • Purchase local and organic produce where possible. Local organic produce generally has a higher nutritional content so is more beneficial for us. Local produce also has less associated travel miles to get it to you, reducing the impact on the environment, and organic farming practices are kinder to the environment than conventional.
  • Reduce meat and dairy. Meat and dairy production is responsible for 14.5 percent of manmade global greenhouse gas emissions. By reducing your consumption you can help bring this down. 
  • Be conscious around packaging. Is there a similar option that has less packaging? Are there things you could purchase from a bulk food store? 
  • Be mindful of food waste. Can you compost? Have a worm farm or chickens? Plan your weekly menu to reduce food wasting in your fridge?
  • Could you try growing your own food? 
Travel consciously

Travel is one of the major contributors to carbon emissions, and consequently to climate change. We are very used to the convenience of getting in our car and going wherever we want to go. By bringing mindfulness to our transport use we can make changes to the way we travel, and the more we make the changes the more natural they become to us and the more difference it will make. When you go to use your car ask yourself is this necessary or is there another way I could be doing this? Some other ways:

  • Car pool with friends.
  • Walk or bike – make it fun!
  • Group errands or activities together so you only need to take one trip.
  • Consider an electric or hybrid car next time you purchase a vehicle.
  • Use public transport.
  • See if you can cut out at least one car trip per week.
  • Consider offsetting your travel to be carbon neutral.
Consume consciously

You are probably familiar with the commentary around over-consumption vs minimalism.  Where in your life can you reduce your consumption and simplify? And (if not for the sake of the planet), ultimately feel better in the wallet and the spirit! Here’s some things to consider:

  • Purchase high quality timeless products that will last
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle, repair
  • Purchase only with intention and joy (don’t be a sucker for a spontaneous unnecessary “bargain”!)
  • Vote with your dollar – with every purchase you are saying “yes” to something. Be mindful of what you are saying “yes” to, as this will create more of it. 
Conscious home

How we live in our homes can also make a difference, particularly around our energy consumption. Here are some things you might like to implement:

  • Change your electricity to renewable energy
  • Switch off light switches and appliances at the powerpoint when you’re not using them. 
  • Wash your clothes in cold water and hang them on the line to dry
  • Use natural cleaning products
Ready for more?

A really important piece is in taking collective action. You can make a big impact by adding your voice to millions of people across the globe who are speaking up about their concerns for the direction we are heading as a planet. Here are some places you can go it you’re ready to take action on climate change:

Educate yourself further on climate change. There are plenty of websites, movies and more that you can connect with to learn more. Here are some to get you started:


More than anything, focus on the joy and wonder of being alive. Take delight in actions that demonstrate love and respect to and this beautiful planet we live on.

Where some of our organic & biodynamic produce comes from

Author: Sol Cleanse

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