Can a juice cleanse help you lose weight?

We’re often asked if a juice cleanse can help you lose weight, as many people think of juice cleanses as a weight loss quick fix.

As you have probably come to realise, here at Sol Cleanse we love to bring a more holistic approach to juice cleansing. We prefer to focus our energy and intentions on cleansing as an act of self-love. To promote a sense of wellbeing and comfort in your body. Not as a “juice cleanse weight loss program”.

Buuuuut… as a side effect, cleansing often also brings about weight loss and there are a few reasons why.

Can juice cleanse help with weight loss? How does juice cleansing help with weight loss?


1. The simple calorie in, calorie out equation

Let’s start with the obvious, more commonly discussed reason first. When you do a juice cleanse your calorie intake is usually drastically reduced. And because you are following a program with pre-determined “meals”, there’s none of those sneaky treats creeping in. In addition, you aren’t adding the bulk (and therefore weight) of food into your system. Therefore to some extent weight loss is inevitable while you are juice fasting.

Typically people lose around 1kg of weight per day whilst cleansing, depending on their individual bodies, energy expenditure and so on. Now, what you need to remember is that this isn’t entirely sustainable. Obviously, as soon as you start eating again your weight will likely start creeping up again. The thing that you do have some control over is how much it creeps up.

Our aim is to rehabilitate your relationship with living a healthy, mindful lifestyle. By making healthful choices after your cleanse it should be quite manageable to keep half of what you lost off. For example, if you did a 5 day juice cleanse and lost 5kg, if you are conscious after your cleanse you may be able to maintain a weight loss of 2.5kg off your original weight.

Many people report that their cleanse helped them lose those “stubborn few kilos” that they hadn’t previously been able to lose.


2. Flatter stomach while juice cleansing

Many people enjoy the experience of a flatter stomach while they are cleansing. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. Reduced bloating is a really common (and popular!) result from cleansing giving not only a flatter stomach and slimmer waistline, but also more importantly comfort in this area.
  2. You don’t have the bulk of food passing through your system so your stomach is literally emptier.

Both of these can give you a feeling of being lighter and more svelte.


3. Healthier choices made easy

One of the most magical things about cleansing is the way your body is returned to a more natural state of homeostasis. Your taste buds become finer tuned to the taste of “real” food – so you will naturally crave food that is better for you. People often find that they can kick cravings for sugar and junk food. So when they come off their cleanse, they find it easier to follow a healthy diet without these cravings.

The real key here is that cleansing makes healthy lifestyles easier post cleanse, because you actually feel better, and feel like eating more healthful food. Rather than forcing and fighting with yourself to follow a particular diet or meal plan you become naturally motivated to make choices that will better serve you, and you can do some from a place of empowerment and joy. 


4. Body in harmony with optimum functioning

A sustainable and powerful contribution of cleansing for long term weight loss is the fact that when you cleanse, your organs and body systems will rid themselves of toxins, repair, and return to operating optimally (please remember you may need to cleanse for longer periods of time for optimum results).

When your organs are operating as they should, all other efforts for losing weight will become more effective. Your body will regain a natural equilibrium at a comfortable and natural weight for you. Because of this, doing a juice cleanse before starting a fitness or health program can give you more powerful results when you start the new program (as well as the previous point that making more healthful choices becomes naturally easier).


5. Self-love 

Alongside our juice cleanse plans we also provide all our cleansers with processes, worksheets, activities and meditations supporting greater levels of self-love and self-acceptance.

Through the juice cleanse process itself many people talk about how they become more connected with themselves. When you are able to come from this place you naturally choose things that serve your greatest good, which is generally things that support your wellbeing.

When you love and accept yourself completely, weight loss also becomes less of a focus. Feeling good becomes your intention (rather than looking good). By making choices in alignment with this you will either naturally lose weight, or you will find yourself loving yourself completely and having absolute awe and gratitude for your body whatever size you are!

If you’re curious to discover how a juice cleanse might help you click here to explore your options.

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