Can Planting Trees Save Life As We Know It?

We can imagine your heart, like ours, will be aching right now for all the devastation caused by bushfires here on the East Coast of Australia – to people, homes, animals, and of course our beloved trees and plants. Most of us have been personally impacted, or know people that have been. But even if you are one of the lucky ones who haven’t, we are all reminded every time we look out of our windows at the hazy sky with the orange sun glowing through the smoke. And it’s very very chilling. 

But what about the big picture? Why is this happening?

Obviously Australia is known for bushfires throughout history, but not as extreme as this. Everything that has happened with the recent bushfires has been predicted by climate change scientists for years – as has the desertification of the East Coast of Australia. We’re pretty big fans of where we live and cannot bear to see this happen to our beloved home.

Along with these disasters can come a sense of hopelessness. We want to help but how? There are many amazing organisations that provide much needed services at times like these and making donations to them is so valuable. It can be overwhelming and confusing to know what action to take, but if what we do comes from a place of love we can all come together and help in our own unique ways. 

At Sol Cleanse we always like to find solutions that align with our values

“I woke up on a Sunday morning and headed to the beach as I usually do. When I arrived at the headland the sun was rising glowing bright red, leaving a shimmering red streak on the ocean like a trail of blood. Out in the surf it felt eery with heavy greyish orange skies and the smell of smoke in the air. I went home feeling very unsettled. At home I was going to hang the washing on the line but I had billows of smoke going through my backyard. The black cockatoo flying overhead was making a chortling sound I had never heard before. It just felt wrong to be sitting around relaxing but what to do? Luckily the decision for me was easy… I have been volunteering with a rainforest replanting group and it seemed like the most obvious choice on a day like today when all around me forests were on fire… PLANT MORE TREES!” ~ Miriam ter Borg

For us it just makes sense to focus on planting trees
  1. This seems like the most obvious response to such a mass loss of forest – to try and restore what has been lost. 
  2. Trees play a vital role in reducing the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by storing it in their biomass (vitally important in the prevention of climate change).
  3. Forests play an important role in balancing the water-cycle on the planet. More rainforest = more rain – something we will be needing more and more into the future.  
  4. Forests provide habitat for a multitude of species that are currently in strife. 
  5. Trees bring us so much joy!

SO to help you be a part of this solution too, for the month of November we have committed to plant one tree for every cleanse purchase with Sol Cleanse. 

Want to do more?


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