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We had a little chat with one of our seasoned cleansers, Juliet Allen, a woman of many talents! Juliet is a passionate Sexologist, with a background in psychology, yoga teaching, motherhood and an entrepreneur. She seamlessly ties all of these together to help her on her mission to free men and women from disempowered sexual relationships. We were particularly keen to hear Juliet’s thoughts on how food can affect our sex life and there’s a few ingredients you might like to add to your diet! 

What is sexology, does it apply to everyone?

Sexology is the study of sex. The way that I bring sexology into the world is by educating and supporting both women and men to feel sexually empowered and free (this is my mission!). I have fused the teachings of sexology with the teachings of Tantra and like to think of myself as a holistic sexologist. By holistic, I mean that I support people to look how all areas of their life impact their libido and drive for connecting and intimacy. This most definitely applies to everyone – we are all born sexual beings, we all have sexual energy in our body, and we all have the ability to enjoy a wonderful sex life. 


What’s one assumption people make about your career that makes you laugh? 

That my sex life is perfect and I spent my entire says having sex! Reality is, I’m human, which means I have definitely experienced the ups and downs of sex with various partners along the way… I really attribute the challenges I have faced (and the way I have navigated my way through them) to my success as a sexologist! Yes, my sex life is pretty great right now, but it hasn’t always been this way, and no doubt there are plenty more challenges to come.


Is there a difference between love making and sex? 

Hell yes! I recorded a podcast (see the Authentic Sex Podcast on iTunes or Spotify) about this titled, ‘The Difference Between Good Sex, Takeaway Sex & Ecstatic Sex’ – I recommend listening to this episode! Love making is a full body and soul experience … it can be truly transformative and life altering at times. Sex is more than genitals bumping and grinding (and there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you’re seeking), however it lacks deep connection and intimacy.


Can food effect our sex life? 

Yes! The food we eat has a huge impact on our health, and libido is a big indicator of where our health is at. If you’re eating shit food, then it will eventually impact your sex life!


What foods should we avoid for a healthy relationship with intimacy? 

Processed foods, white refined sugar, bad fats (remember, good fats eg coconut oil, ghee, olive oil etc are great!), non-organic fruit and vegetables, to name a few. This isn’t my exact area of expertise, if you’re reading this and want more information on what to avoid, I recommend contacting my partner, Nick Perry at Rhythm Health.


Which foods work great in the bedroom? 

Maca – this is a Peruvian root known as ‘nature’s viagra’. It’s awesome for libido, hormones and vaginal dryness.

You can add more Maca to your diet with our Cacao Superfood Latte and Peace Milk which comes with the Level 1, Level 2, Active Cleanse and Custom Cleanse.  

Organic fruit and vegetables, good fats, nuts, seeds, locally sourced meat, high quality plant proteins. Eating healthy food means that we feel better emotionally, physically and mentally, which usually means we also feel better sexually.


How can we form pure and authentic connections? 

First form a pure and authentic connection with ourselves, that’s the first step. Authenticity is the key to great connections. So is great communication, and willingness to grow and learn, and a realisation that the most important relationship we have, is with ourself. 


You’ve cleansed with us before, what will be your next cleanse and why? 

We are going to do a whole family cleanse next! Even my daughter is keen to join us, which is awesome. I always love doing a big cleanse before the festive season because I feel great and then I’m less inclined to eat crap over Xmas because I’m feeling so damn good!


You can find Juliet on her website or follow her on Instagram.

Join Juliet in her new offering – Pleasure School – an online classroom where the study of sex, intimacy, conscious connections and embodiment puts an entirely new lens on going to school.


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