Which Is The Best Juice Cleanse To Do?

Welcome to the world of juice cleansing. It can be quite daunting when you don’t know where to start, who to trust or what to expect when trying to find out which cleanse is the best juice cleanse available in Australia… So hopefully this article sheds some light on the beautiful experience you will have when you decide to gift your body with a cleanse.

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Things to look out for:

Organic vs non organic

The primary principal of organic farming is to grow produce without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers. But beyond that organic farming practises also enhance soil health, minimise pollution, create a self-sustaining cycle of resources on a farm, helps maintain biodiversity, and ultimately produces a higher quality food source.

Sol Cleanse works very closely with local organic farmers to provide you with the highest quality, organic juices.

Cold pressed

The centrifugal force of blades in conventional juicers (typically found in homes and cafes) generate heat which reduces the quality of the nutrients found in the juice.

Whereas the cold press juicer we have at Sol Cleanse, will crush the ingredients and extract the juice without compromising nutrient quality. By cold pressing juice, you still get all the healthy, detoxing benefits from the fruit and veggies. You get 100% of the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes.

Locally made

It is more sustainable to purchase from a company that makes juice locally, primarily to reduce travel miles. In addition, juice cleanses that are transported great distances are generally packed in a styrofoam box which is great for transportation and keeping the juices cold while they’re on the plane, but not a great option for the environment. 

Delivered the day of juicing

Fresh pressed juice with no preservatives has a shelf life of 4 days to ensure your juice is as fresh and nutrient dense as possible. It’s a huge tick in the box to have it delivered the day that it’s been pressed.

Additions included to support your cleanse

To support your fibre intake and gut health during a cleanse it’s important to have a good source of fibre from something like psyllium husks and probiotics for your gut.

Sol Cleanse provides a transformational program with every cleanse, which includes:

  • psyllium husks
  • probiotics
  • detox tea
  • metal straw and cleaner
  • tea strainer
  • daily inspirational emails
  • meditations
  • movement and worksheets

& more to take you deeper and really get the most out of your cleanse experience.

Is there a lot of messaging about weight loss?

The main focus of juice cleansing shouldn’t be about losing weight. Juice cleansing can be a powerful addition to support a healthy weight loss journey but it’s benefits are multi-faceted.

Although many people experience weight loss, a reduction in water retention and a reduction in bloating while they cleanse, long term benefits come more so from the way that a juice cleanse can support you to come into greater alignment with your body, so you are naturally more inclined to make healthy choices when you finish your cleanse.

Cleansing also takes you a lot deeper than the physical benefits. It’s about the emotional facets of cleansing. It’s about self reflection, self love, having a fresh start, supporting your family with new healthy habits, giving your body the space to tell you what it needs, understanding your sugar or salt cravings and boosting your energy levels.

How do you decide how many days to cleanse? 

1 day cleanse

This is great for people who want to test the waters and do a quick mental reset to get them back on track. 

3 day cleanse

This is our most popular option. It’s great for people who are interested in giving their mind, digestive system and body a proper cleanse. It’s perfect for beginners and advanced cleansers.

If you’re nervous about doing a 3 day cleanse, check out our pre-cleanse detox advice article. It has loads of information on how to prepare your body and mind for your juice cleanse. Preparation such as cleaning up your diet and reducing caffeine consumption before a cleanse is the perfect way to have an enjoyable cleansing experience.

5 day cleanse

This is great for seasoned cleansers who are wanting to take their cleanse to the next level. If you generally eat quite healthy and want to take it up a notch, a 5 day cleanse would be perfect for you. 

Cleanse Levels

Once you’ve decided the best cleanse duration, it’s time to choose your cleanse level. The best cleanse for you will depend on your current health, your level of day-to-day activity, if you can take rest during your cleanse and how deep you prefer to go. 

We have created a quick quiz that you can take to help you determine which cleanse level might be best for you: Which cleanse level should I do?

Level 1

Generally we always suggest a Level 1, 3 day cleanse to all cleanse beginners. It’s the perfect way to experience your first juice cleanse as it’s a gentle introduction with a variety of juices, green smoothies and a dahl.

If you’re still unsure on consuming mostly juices during your cleanse, we have a Wholefoods option where you’ll find a balance of juices, smoothies, a salad and kitchari. 

Level 2 & 3 + Broth and Greens cleanse

Looking to go a little deeper and feel confident with cleansing? Level 2 and 3 would be the best cleanse for you! To take it a step further, the Broth and Greens cleanse is incredible for those wanting to reduce their sugar intake. 

Active Cleanse

For those who wish to remain active on their cleanse, our Active cleanse is a great option. It includes a balance of juices, a nut milk and protein shakes. 

Warm Cleanse

If you tend to pull towards warm foods, rather than cold, the Warm cleanse would be perfect for you. It’s full of delicious, nourishing soups, 1 nut milk and 1 juice. 

Custom Cleanse

Or if you know what your body is calling for, we have a custom cleanse option where you have a choice of 6 elixirs that suit your body’s needs! 

Still unsure?

If you’re still a little indecisive of which is the best juice cleanse to do, please feel free to answer a couple of questions in our quick quiz to guide you: Which cleanse level should I do?

To find out about how Sol Cleanse juice cleanses work and their benefits, read our article Why Cleanse?

Order your cleanse!

Want to trial our cleanse options and determine for yourself if we could be one of the best juice cleanse companies in Australia? When you’re ready, click here to start ordering your cleanse! 

Because our juices and elixirs are fresh and unpasteurised without the use of any nasty additives or preservatives, they have a four-day shelf life.

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