3 Misconceptions Of Juice Cleansing

The words “detox” and “cleansing” have taken on whole new meanings socially over the past decade, and of course we have our own unique take on them. We wanted to address some misconceptions about juice cleansing and share our philosophy on the matter. Let’s get stuck into three big areas of cleansing that have some people scratching their heads in confusion.

Misconception 1: Juice magically dispels the body of all toxins

While that sounds miraculous, your very clever liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, skin and lymphatic system are responsible for removing toxins from your body. Instead, a juice cleanse focuses on creating the right conditions for these organs to do their job efficiently.

When you are on a cleanse, you are not consuming any caffeine, alcohol, pesticides (you should only EVER cleanse organic!), gluten, grains, dairy, preservatives or anything processed / artificial. It’s these “foods” that are usually the cause of inflammation and toxic build up in our bodies. So straight off the bat, we’ve eliminated some culprits that can put extra strain on our detoxification organs. In short, we give your body a much needed break.

On top of that, if you consider that it takes roughly 2kg of fresh, raw, organic produce to make a single jar of our organic cold pressed juices, you can bet that your body is receiving A LOT more micronutrients than it does in your day-to-day life of lattes, smashed avo on toast and pasta-a-la-dente. The average person takes in 1.7 serves of fruit and 2.4 serves of vegetables a day, almost half the daily recommended intakeThe micronutrients found in fruit and vegetables (and our juices!) support your vital organs to carry out an array of tasks, some of which are to cleanse toxins from your body.

One of the standout benefits we’ve found from 8 years of customer feedback is that our juice cleanses reset your relationship with food. You begin to crave real, raw fruits and vegetables and feel a lot less phased by your morning coffee ritual. So by the time your 1, 3 or 5 day cleanse is finished, you continue to consume a higher ratio of micronutrient dense foods…

Misconception 2: Juice cleansing means I won’t be getting enough fibre

Alright, let’s get to the nitty gritty of fibre! When we’re talking fibre, there’s two basic types: soluble fibre and insoluble fibre. Fresh cold pressed juice is naturally loaded with soluble fibre, that is, fibre that dissolves in water. Soluble fibre is a gel like substance that assists in balancing our gut microflora as it is a prebiotic, absorbs cholesterol from the intestines, gives us a sense of “fullness” and balances our blood sugar levels.

Insoluble fibre is fibre that does not dissolve in water, and leftover pulp from juicing is a great example of this “roughage”. Insoluble fibre is what makes up the bulk of our stools because it is indigestible. There are still trace amounts present in juices, but most is removed. This is why some people can experience a reduction in bowel movements during a juice cleanse. However, most people still have normal bowel movements during their cleanse as they are “backed up”. A juice cleanse gives the digestive tract a chance to take a break from processing more insoluble fibre and “catch up”, completely cleaning out before eating more insoluble fibre again post juice cleanse.

If you consider that you would need to consume nearly 10kg of raw produce to get the same hit of micronutrients during one day of juice cleansing, you can see the benefit of removing insoluble fibre as it removes the bulk of flesh from the produce. We are left with a super micronutrient dense liquid to consume, and our digestive system is given a break so it can heal and repair.

If you do find you are not having bowel movements, we include organic psyllium husks in all of our juice cleanses to stir in to your juices as it is rich in insoluble fibre. That way, you get the benefit of micronutrient dense raw juices with the addition of “roughage” to help with bowel movements should you need it.

If you are particularly concerned with getting enough insoluble fibre on your cleanse, we would recommend our Level 1 Cleanse, our Wholefoods Cleanse or our Warm Cleanse as they all contain options that have a mix of both kinds of fibre. If you would like to give your digestive system more of a break from insoluble fibre, our Level 3 Cleanse or our Broth + Greens Cleanse would be your best options as the elixirs have had almost all of the insoluble fibre removed.

Misconception 3: Juice cleansing is just about losing weight

While some people do choose to undertake a juice cleanse to lose weight, this is not our philosophy at Sol Cleanse. We are primarily concerned with resetting your relationship with food, and with yourself. 

Imagine you are at the end of January and all you’ve been doing for the past 6 weeks is socialising, lazing by the sun, indulging your senses in rich foods and cocktails, all of which has its place we might add!

You wake up in February and you’re feeling sluggish. You’re not sleeping as well as you normally do, you’ve been in “extrovert” mode for far too long, feeling drained. You’re back working full time and you can’t find the motivation to meal prep and nourish your body as well as you would like to so you find yourself reaching for caffeine + quick and convenient foods to get you through the day. You’re not feeling that great about yourself and you just can’t find the courage to make some damn change. You’re in a negative spiral, we’ve all been there.

We created Sol Cleanse for these exact moments. For the opportunity to press pause for 1, 3 or 5 days and assess how you’d like to take care of yourself from this moment onwards.

The beautiful thing, is that when you consume nothing but pure plant nutrition for a few days, your taste buds get a complete reset. Your eyes become brighter. Your skin glows. You sleep better & your energy levels improve. You start to feel really great about what you are doing for your body + mind and you want to keep these amazing feels going. And it’s so much easier from here. You finish your cleanse and you’re craving fresh, whole foods because you can finally hear the subtle messages from your body. Movement becomes enjoyable. You have a clear vision for goals you want to execute in your life. You are on a positive spiral of momentum and the only way is up, baby! 

And yes, people do tend to lose some weight through this process. That’s only natural when you completely shift your diet from heavier processed foods to fresh produce abundant in nutrients. But if that’s what you came for, you will find yourself pleasantly surprised when, the way you look at food and at yourself receives a complete overhaul in the process.

Can you imagine how much more powerful it is to go to the root of the cause and reset the patterns that are causing you to make poor wellbeing decisions in the first place? This is much bigger than a “quick fix” weight loss mission, the positive impacts go on as long as you will allow them.

So, what’s your philosophy on cleansing? Are we aligned? We’d love to hear…



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