Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

Nothing says comfort like a nourishing bowl of belly-warming soup. This hearty chicken noodle soup is so incredibly easy to make, you simply add everything to the slow cooker and carry on with your day. Let the slow cooker do all of the work while your house fills with the aroma of mouth-watering goodness. The ingredients listed are VERY flexible, use whatever vegetables you have available. However, be sure to only use chicken thighs, as any other cut of chicken will not have enough fat and become dry throughout the lengthy slow cooking process. Enjoy!

(serves 8)


The basics:

3 Tbsp olive oil (or coconut oil, butter, or another oil that is ok being heated)

2 tsp salt

3 cloves of garlic

200g of any type of noodles – rice noodles, egg noodles or sweet potato noodles, whatever you have in the pantry!



2 medium onions

2 medium broccoli (including stalks) cut into small florets

1 medium cauliflower (including stalks) cut into small florets

2 medium potatoes cut into rough chunks

8 button mushrooms or 3 portobello mushrooms



1L of free range chicken or vegetable stock

400ml can of coconut cream – if you would prefer to omit the coconut flavour, replace with filtered water or additional stock



1kg of free range chicken thigh meat – you could substitute this with 2 x 400g cans of organic young jackfruit

1 x 425g can of organic chickpeas or lentils



  1. Dice onions, garlic and roughly chop all other vegetables and add to slow cooker
  2. Roughly chop the chicken thighs into pieces, you don’t have to be perfect with this as the chicken will pull apart as it cooks. Add to slow cooker
  3. Add the remainder of your ingredients, ensuring the liquid covering the chicken and noodles.
  4. Set your slow cooker to “high” and cook for 6 hours. 


Additional notes:

You can remove the lid from the slow cooker for the last hour of cooking, to help reduce the liquid if required.

If you would prefer a thicker soup, you can add 2 tsp of cornstarch to the slow cooker and stir in well. This will thicken your soup


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  • This recipe may require some finessing. The chicken and vegetable quantities were too much to fit into a 6 litre slow cooker. (1/2 the vegetable and chicken would be enough). Sadly, the egg noodles added at the beginning completely disintegrated in the slow cooking process and became a gluey mass (maybe it would be better to cook the noodles separately and add at the end to serve?).