How We Have Adapted and Pivoted Through COVID-19

As we pause to take a breath after all the changing, adapting, pivoting and surrendering we have all had to do over the last few weeks we thought we’d share a bit about everything that has been happening behind the scenes at our end!

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride (as it has been for everyone) as we have scrabbled to adapt and pivot as fast as we can to changing situations to be able to best serve you. We’ve made more changes and created more new offerings than we usually would in a year – just to give you some appreciation of how amazing our team at Sol Cleanse really are!!

So what has been going on over here at Sol Cleanse?

Keeping you safe

We started by addressing procedures within the kitchen and our delivery drivers to ensure the wellbeing of our staff and customers. As part of the precaution we changed our delivery practices to include “contact free” delivery.

Boosting the Immune System

In the beginning it became very obvious that supporting the immune system was (and is still) top priority. We recognised the importance of what we offer in supporting the immune system, so to help it to be easier to get juice into hands we offered free shipping. We saw our juice packs fly out the door as you too saw the importance of strengthening your immune system. In addition we created a blog with our top tips for immune heath.

Introducing Immune Boosting Wholefood Pack + a guide to stay healthy and grounded

Next came a time when fear and uncertainty set in across Australia (and the world!). We created a guide to help you stay healthy and grounded in unsettling times. We  also realised many of you would prefer not to go to shopping malls so we created an immune boosting wholefood meal packs to bring nutritious organic food to your door. So many of you have taken advantage of this and loved it! (and we have loved being able to serve you in this way!).

Extended Delivery Zones + a Guide to Inspire you

As the weeks went on we kept asking ourselves how else can we serve you? We were getting so many requests from people outside our standard delivery areas (especially the Sunshine Coast!), so we extended our delivery zones to be able to support the wellbeing of even more of you! We were also finding ourselves more and more “isolated”, so we created a guide to inspire you to expand and grow in solitude.

Produce boxes farm fresh to your door

We also realised that there must be so many of you (as well as us!) who have been desperately missing your weekly trips to the markets to get farm fresh organic produce. Because we have such a great network of organic farmers we decided to bring together produce boxes to bring the taste and quality of the markets to your door (plus some delicious bliss balls to bring some sweetness to your day).

No better time to cleanse

And finally now as the dust settles and we are beginning to take this isolation in our stride (and even perhaps enjoy it?!?) we are finding so many of you coming back to juice cleansing … and really, what better time to cleanse when there is no social schedule to clear, not much to do, and you don’t even have to leave your house (apart from maybe a nice stroll outdoors) – and we trust that our transformational program that goes alongside the juice will be perfect for you right now. We are so thrilled to be here for you! (if you’re unsure of what cleanse to try check out our online quiz).

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