Crafting a New Moon Ritual

If connecting to the elemental flow of nature isn’t enough to shift your perspective, our ever present luna moon has her unique cyclical rhythms of influence that she bestows upon us all. Being lovers of ritual coupled with intention, we’d like to share with you how you can harness the power of the New Moon, just as she cycles around this Saturday.

The new moon is the birthing phase of the lunar cycle. This metaphysical energy of “new birth” that surrounds us as each new moon darkens the sky, hands us an opportunity to focus our attention on fresh new ideas, ways of being and manifestations we would like to call into our lives.

You might be feeling a void, a space or a gap in your life and you’re not quite sure how to fill it

Maybe you are beginning a new project or path for yourself and you’d like a little say in the vibe it carries

Perhaps you’ve discovered some new ideas or philosophies and you’re not sure how they fit into your life just yet

This is the time to ask our Luna New Moon for some guidance or support.

Setting the scene

A couple of days out leading into the new moon, begin to use your moments in between moments to be with yourself (instead of scrolling) and notice the emotional quality of your life. Naturally, desires and wishes for yourself may begin to surface. If and when they do, notice the emotional quality behind your desires. You might feel the calling to discover a new business idea, but at the core of this desire is to find a sense of purpose and creativity.

This is your New Moon offering or intention.

Basking in the energy of the New Moon

As the new moon arrives (in this case on Saturday) plan to spend some time where you can connect with her. Most people find being in nature the easiest conduit of connection, but do what resonates with you. If being outside in nature isn’t possible due to little humans (who you can absolutely include in this ritual!) or due to other limitations, some ideas could include;

  • Having a warm bath with essential oils – our moon is deeply connected to the element of water.
  • Reading your kids a story about the moon as they go to bed, holding your New Moon intention in your heart as you do.
  • Making a warm cup of tea, with 5 minutes carved out just to focus on your New Moon intention as you lovingly consume it.

Wherever your circumstances find you, allow yourself to firstly come into a state of reverence towards the moon. Physically look up towards her direction if you can to take in the majesty of the night sky. Find yourself coming into a state of gratitude and awe of her magnitude, her influence on the rhythms of natural life – take her all in. 

Next, allow the energy of her to move through you, in whatever shape or form that takes for you in the moment. The new moon holds the qualities of possibility, potential, limitlessness, freshness, opening & wonder, so ask your body to open up to and accept these qualities. You may find yourself simply being in still presence with her, moving your body, crying, laughing or breathing deeply… there really are no limitations.

Handing over your offering to her

From this place of deeper connection with her, bring your offering or intention for this phase of the lunar cycle to mind and heart. Visualise your offering floating out of you and up up up towards the moon till it reaches her and is lovingly held by her. Allow yourself to feel a sense of trust, knowing that your intention may manifest itself in limitless ways, which will be for your highest good. With full surrender, we then say thank you.

During this ritual, include any other rituals that feel like home to you. This could be lighting a candle, lighting incense, sage or using essential oils, moving your body to rhythmic music, singing, repeating a mantra, saying a prayer and so on.

Tools for becoming more in sync with the lunar cycles

By far, the best way to become more in sync with the cycles of the moon is to pay attention to how you feel during her different phases. You can do this easily by downloading a free moon cycle app (this one is our favourite for its simplicity) and journaling your thoughts and feelings daily, with a little note next to each journal entry for the corresponding moon phase. We also adore the Magic Of I cosmic journals to take you deeper into your world of connection to the metaphysical world.

Do you have a New Moon (or any other moon phase) ritual? We’d love to hear about it…


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