Can You Workout On A Juice Cleanse?

can you exercise on a juice cleanse?

Juice fasting and working out… Can it be done?

Generally speaking, we don’t usually recommend doing a juice cleanse and working out at the same time, especially high intensity work outs. The reason is that you will be on a lower calorie intake while you are cleansing, so may not have enough energy to sustain you through the workout. During a cleanse, your body will be busy at work detoxing all the nasties and by working out while cleansing you may put your body under extra stress. 

How can I workout on a juice cleanse?

Engaging in gentle exercise while you are cleansing can be very beneficial as it helps stimulate the lymphatic system, and increases respiration – both important aspects of detoxification. Exercises such as yoga, walking, dancing, bike riding can be great while you are cleansing, just be mindful to tune into your body and don’t over do it.

We have also created a specialised cleanse and have made it possible to continue working out while juice cleansing with our Active Cleanse. This cleanse was developed especially for active people that want to continue working out during a juice cleanse and still achieve the benefits of an organic detox. This cleanse is for people who lead physically active lifestyles and want to do the best thing for their bodies, without compromising on energy and performance.

Doing a juice cleanse and working out is possible when you choose the Active Cleanse as it includes a high-quality clean vegan protein powder plus nourishing protein and mineral-rich nut milk smoothies to replenish and repair the body after exercise whilst maintaining boundless energy. It also includes our signature cold-pressed juices and sol cleanse support products.

I feel incredible and highly recommend Sol Cleanse. I love the convenience, ease, guidance and information it provided. Plus they tasted delicious. Being a PT, highly active and up early I did the 5 day active cleanse and wasn’t hungry or craving. I knew I’d feel more radiant, lighter and energetic. What surprised me was the mental alertness and clarity I also gained. Will be recommending this to people and I’ll definitely do it again. Thank you for the incredible product, service, passion and support you provide” – Lisa

The Active Cleanse for busy lifestyles

Even if you don’t plan on working out while juice cleansing, but you have a busy lifestyle, the Active Cleanse is designed to sustain your energy whilst detoxing your body at the same time. 

“This cleanse was the perfect complement to my busy work week. It kept me energised, excited each morning to start the day and truly I never felt hungry or unable to finish my day with my usual yoga. The juices tasted divine but the biggest surprise was just the satisfied feeling I felt throughout and how I felt lighter but fuelled to combat my daily activities. I can’t wait to do this again soon!” – Dominique.

So should you workout on a juice cleanse?

Listen to the conversations your body is having with you while you cleanse. If the Active Cleanse is providing you with enough energy that you feel you can get a sweat on then great! If one day you’re feeling a little low in energy, then rest. Everyone’s cleansing experience is different, but we’re confident that with the protein shakes included within the Active Cleanse your body will be bounding with energy! If you have any questions about working out on a juice cleanse please feel free to have a chat with our friendly team about your options or take our quick quiz to see which cleanse level is best suited for you. 

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