How Juice Cleanses Help Kickstart Healthy Habits

You know it’s time… you’ve been cruising for a while now – you’ve let bad habits creep in and now you’re just not feeling your best. You know you need to be “healthier” but where do you start? Especially when you just don’t have the “oomph” to fight the instant gratification that those tasty treats have been giving you, followed by the slump and the quick fix coffee. We get it, we’ve been there!! The way cleanses help give you a reset and kickstart healthy habits is one of the things we LOVE so much about cleansing, and if you haven’t already experienced it for yourself we’d love to share WHY they are so powerful in creating a shift … in a way that you don’t feel like you have to fight, struggle and punish yourself! 

how juice cleanses kickstart healthy habits

If you’ve been on this journey with us for a while now you will have heard us speak about the spiral of wellbeing. We can be spiralling up – making positive choices that help us feel good which leads us to make even more wellbeing aligned choices and feeling even better! Or we can be spiralling down, not feeling great so making choices for a quick “pick-me-up” (we’re talking coffee, chocolate, alcohol, watching tv instead of going for a walk) that lead to us feeling worse, so we make a poor choice again. 

It doesn’t take much to flick the switch in either direction and everything you do can have a snowball effect. You might be feeling great but you have a bad night sleep so they next day you have a coffee then you have a slump in the afternoon and eat a chocolate bar then feel a bit flat in the evening so flop on the couch to watch Netflix instead of going to a yoga class then wake up in the morning feeling a bit flat again. 

The good news is that you can also flick the switch the other way to make really positive changes, for example making yourself jump out of bed in the morning and get some exercise and meditate which can have a flow on effect for the whole day and subsequent days. 

So where does cleansing come into this? Well cleansing can have a very powerful impact on heading you up the wellbeing spiral. Over the last 8 years that we have been providing our transformative cleanse programmes we hear over and over again how people experienced a real reset during their cleanse and they were able to re-establish healthy habits in their life post-cleanse easily and naturally – free from sugar and coffee cravings and with a natural inclination towards healthier choices. 

It is the “natural inclination towards healthier choices” piece that makes a cleanse so effective in establishing healthier lifestyles. While you cleanse your body obviously eliminates toxins, but it also goes through a major rebalance. Your palette becomes accustomed to the subtler tastes of “real” wholefoods, your body gets flooded with nutrition and your cells are nourished and satisfied so your cravings for “quick fix” foods are eliminated, you become more tuned into your body and what it actually needs, you experience what is possible in terms of feeling amazing and “true” energy. 

Because of all this, instead of having to fight yourself and force yourself to make healthy choices because you “should”, you are naturally drawn to healthy choices, you feel like eating fruit and veges over junk food – in fact the thought of junk food makes your tummy turn slightly (and you’re aware of this because you are more in tune with your body), you feel amazing so you don’t need to prop yourself up with coffee and sugar, and you remember how amazing you feel when you have “real” nutrition so it’s a joy to keep eating like that, rather than a punishment. 

We’d love to share with you how some of our past cleansers have experienced this for themselves:

What a great way to kickstart healthy habits! Isolation had me eating a lot and not all healthy, I thought why not do a juice cleanse to help get me back on track and that’s exactly what it did. The juices were delicious and 6 per day was plenty. I loved the whole experience, the packaging and presentation was beautiful, the daily emails kept me motivated and did I mention the juices were delicious! I will be making this a yearly ritual, juice cleanse my world. Thank you Sol Cleanse for this beautiful experience.” – Melody

I’m so beyond happy with the results. I did this as a kick start to losing weight and boy did it live up to my expectation, however I didn’t realise just how much energy I would regain when I finished. I felt truly cleansed, light and enthusiastic about a new routine and exercise. I would definitely recommend giving this a go AND DON’T GIVE UP – you won’t regret it !” – Joanne

What can I say. This juice cleanse is Life Changing. If you need to Reset, please dont hesitate, Just do it. The mind clarity & sense of smells & feeling happy, it’s incredible. Well done ladies – I will be your biggest fan! Forever Thank you xxx” – Leanne

Perfect reset to start with healthy habits again. Didn’t cheat whatsoever as found it really easy as I didn’t feel hungry ever, and I’m a big guy.” – Chris

What I love is the new habits it’s helped me create moving forward. I’m kicking off my morning rituals (very different to my old ways!), and have become more conscious of what’s going into my body.

I highly recommend this program if you want a healthy boost in your life.” – Emma

I highly recommend Sol Cleanse if you feel like a change in your life. It creates a neutral break. It’s like hitting the reset button. You can then decide to your new habits and what you’d like your new life to look like” – Shannon

Woke up day 3 feeling amazing!! Next time I’m keen for 5 days. Juices were delicious too. After the cleanse, I feel lighter, cravings for all the naughty things have gone. Was a great kick start into a healthier lifestyle.” – Leah

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