Summer Solstice Unity Activation

December 21, 2020 // An opportunity for us to evolve.

Join us online for a week of processes to create some magic together in preparation for the Great Conjunction on the 21st.

All sessions are run complimentary on the @solcleanse IG TV (Qld time) so tune in to join us!

Our Beautiful Facilitators

Tuesday 15th, 7.30pm – Astrological revelations

Paula Shaw // @soulfulguiding

This is a transition time for humanity. We are living through a turn of the ages and this Solstice aligns with the once in 20 year Grand Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter. What happens Astrologically during a Solstice seeds in and impacts the general frequency of the collective.

In this IG live, Paula will explore what this all means and why it is important to take some time and tune into the new energies coming through. Paula will also explore how this moment connects to greater cycles coming through in 2021!

Astrologically, things are going to shift profoundly over the coming months and years and this Solstice is a potent moment to be in ritual and honour, just as our ancestors did, the turn of the seasons and the turn of the ages.

About Paula

Paula works as a Soul Guide providing one on one sessions working with people at a soul level to see their past/present/future with the intention of gaining a deeper understanding of their lives.

A time came when Paula realised people needed to empower the wisdom that came through sessions and it was from this desire to provide ongoing support that The Lunar Project was born!The Lunar Project is an invitation back to ritual as a normal part of life. Ritual is life changing when you really connect with it in the right way. It is an act of power like nothing else!

Wednesday 16th, 7.30pm – Guided Himalayan Breathwork Session

Trey Williams // @treygwilliams

Trey will guide you through some Himalayan Breathwork and meditation to access your cosmic nature. These breaths can help you to clear out stuck energy, tap into more intuition and access the higher mind.

About Trey

Trey Williams is a Breath Coach, Consciousness mentor and Soul Business Strategist residing on the Gold Coast. He loves to help people to awaken the infinite mind where purpose, abundance and freedom become more of the natural state.

Thursday 17th, 7.30pm – Explore Emotional Literacy

Kirsty Greenshields // @kirstyleegreenshields

“Life can feel really complex sometimes, especially as a mum! There are so many moving parts to be aware of, and we feel like we have to be ‘on top of everything’ all the time. It can get overwhelming, especially as time goes so fast nowadays. For the Summer Solstice Unity Activation it’s my intention to help you find simplicity in your Being, so you can feel more centred, and therefore more powerful. How will we do that? Tune in on Thursday and you’ll find out.” – Kirsty

About Kirsty

Kirsty is an adventurer and explorer. She began her career as an army intelligence officer. For a large portion of her 20’s she experienced high-functioning depression and anxiety. After a breakdown at 27, and the knowing that there was a different way to treat what she had, Kirsty did a 180 and studied naturopathy. And the rest is history …

Well, not really. It’s when life really began! She co-founded Resilient Leaders Foundation (RLF) in 2009, a non-profit organisation which enhances the lives of the individual, the family and the wider community. She’s also the author of ‘Women, Money and Intimacy’ and, since 2014 she has been helping women Embody the Sacred – the Sacred is You!

Kirsty’s myriad of experiences over the last 20 years, since she left the military, have helped her understand the power of cleansing and strengthening the emotional body, to bring the physical and spiritual bodies into alignment.

Friday 18th, 7.30pm – Yin Yoga Sequence

Larrissa Cunningham //

Our director Liss guides you through a Yin Yoga sequence to open your heart for cleansing, expansion and greater love in your life.

About Larrissa

Liss is a vinyasa and yin yoga teacher who focuses first on the breath, showing how it can transform the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. She loves to teach simple, accessible classes that leave you feeling at home and at peace with yourself.

Saturday 19th, 9am – Heart Coherence Activation

Asher Erikson //

In this poignant time on this planet we want to equip you with all the wisdom and tools that will open your heart to receive all the good feels! Join Asher live on our instagram at 9am QLD time Saturday 19th December as she opens the sacred space chatting about the positive shifts you will receive by getting out of the mind and into the heart (there’s also the science stuff woven in), before she blissfully guides you into a Heart Coherence Activation that will raise your vibrations, activate your heart’s true desires and unify our collective energy.

About Asher

Asher Erickson is an Energetics Mentor for women, who supports her clients in connecting to their own powerful healer and intuitive wisdom within. She has a multifaceted approach to facilitation, using the power of energetics, emotional healing, nervous system nourishing and subconscious reprogramming. She equips her client’s with transformative tools and processes on an integrated mind. body and soul level.

One of the powerful key elements of Asher’s facilitation is to guide her clients into complete heart coherence so they can with EASE align with their highest version of self, creating more abundance, joy and fulfilment. The more an individual is in heart coherence they will experience higher states of unconditional love, bliss and contentment. The more of the collective that is in heart coherence, the positive ripples of energy will flow out to others.

Sunday 20th – Sound Healing

Bebe Carletti // @EarthEnergyMedicine

As we enter our Summer Solstice Unity Activation, we come into union. Through our guided meditation we connect & call our whole selves in, our light, our dark, all of us is welcomed here.

Once our sacred & safe space is opened, we simply let the sound, the frequencies, the vibrational alchemy, the energy, disperse our heavy feels, dissolve  our sense of separated ness and activate our unity, remembering, feeling our connectedness to everyone and everything, preparing us to move into our 2021 with ease and Grace.

We can’t wait for our experience together, remember that headphone/earphones will enhance your vibrational sound alchemy shift.

About Bebe

Definitely part of the revolution family, I dream of a world with less intellect and more heart… Less rules and more freedom!

In essence I truly am a reflection of you: a divine spiritual being on her soul mission while having a human experience.

A good mix of darkness and light flows through me, and I am grateful for that!

I truly am a rebellious soul creating my own personal revolution, igniting the passionate fire within me to get you, me, all of us ALIGNED with our very own unique vibe.

As a sound sorceress, the energy you shall experience when you come into my field is very uniquely orchestrated according to what your highest needs right there and then.

The space is always absolutely energetically held, we clear the energy that bounds you to your limiting self and work together towards your highest potential, so you can become a powerful magnet in your life.

Passionate about you, me, all of us embracing the whole and learning to transmute the shadows queen or kind into consciousness and transform them into the powerful being that you are.

Bringing our “Sound and safe” self into union with our “wild and free”!
Just like you, I will never stop learning, the student is within me like a strong force for growth and expansion.

I will never stop passing on what helps me feel alive and vibrant, connected and true, free and joyful, filled with love, light and a great dose of darkness!

Deep gratitude goes to all of you, who show up in our 1 on 1, in our healing circles, you are my biggest teachers.

The Healer in me sees the Healer in you.

Monday 21st – Guided Shamanic Journey

Claire Kelly // @claire_l_kelly

In this very special one-off meditation, participants will be transported into the dream state as part of a global cause to send love and healing to Mother Earth (also known as ‘Pachamama’).

Incorporating ancient shamanic chants, the rattle and deep drum journey work Claire will gently guide participants through a lower world shamanic journey to send love to Uluru.

We ask you bring an open mind,  a yoga mat, something small to add to the “virtual” altar to represent healing for Mother Earth (ie a flower, crystal) and to wear comfortable, light clothing.

About Claire

Claire Kelly – also known as the ‘Love Doctor’ – started immersing herself into various healing modalities after a near death car accident and an out of body experience at 19 led her to question the deeper meaning of life.

Leaving an unfulfilling career in news media to pursue her dream of professional beach volleyball; eventually her spiritual evolution led her to the jungles of Peru and the mountains of Canada where she was initiated into ancient QEro and Shipibo plant medicine (Andean/Peruvian) shamanic traditions.

Trained and certified in numerous modalities now including Intuitive Tarot, Psychosomatic Therapy, yoga, mBIT , Shamanic and Hawaiian Healing (Soul Retrieval- Kerry Henwood) as well as Psychic mediumship;  Claire specialises in helping clients to move energy, balance stress and to release emotional blocks to step into their highest expression.

Currently training to become a W Hof Instructor and outdoor Alpine guide; Claire has also studied under Ido Portal, Shiva Rea, Simon Park , Jason MacDonald, Herman Mueller and many other revolutionary teachers.



How To Tune In

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