Cultivating Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness is something that a lot of us are becoming more and more aware of and there are so many factors that can contribute to this. Here’s what our Clinical In-House Nutritionist, Danielle Svensson has to say about how we can cultivate mental wellness…

I would like to invite you to think about your wellbeing as a spectrum. That your health is a fluid, naturally shifting state of being. We might have great days, average days, and even hard days, and that is all woven into the human experience. 

With the ever-changing landscape that happens in our external world, cultivating mental wellness each day can be our anchor. Not only through the turbulence, but even in the stillness. As our mind and body is forever adapting to our environment, the way we can support its internal balance system, is through small positive, consistent actions each day. It’s no secret that our bodies and our minds are intricately connected, and when we nourish one, we are essentially nourishing the other. 

When we find ourselves in heightened states of stress, discomfort, uncertainty, or anxiousness the body almost unconsciously goes about trying to maintain our homeostasis, or balance, involving countless adaptations to hormones, neurochemicals, vitamins, minerals and so many other physiological processes. Just in the same way there is no one singular cause for mood imbalances or mental illness, there is no one singular cure. From what we do, experience, eat, engage with, or avoid each day, every individual factor is either cultivating mental wellness or taking us away from this. 

This brings me to consciously asking 3 powerful questions every day that can set a flow on of positive, healthy behaviours. 

What can I let go of?

What can I continue doing?

What can I begin doing?

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By doing this, we allow the space to tune into our bodies and minds on a deeper level. Rather than reacting to our circumstances we can respond with clarity. You will start to recognise, that the more you ask the questions, intuitively you already have the answers. 

Here is a little list of things you might already be doing or others that you might like to BEGIN to be doing. Go slowly, be kind to yourself and above all know that it’s the small changes each day that have the greatest impact.  

Cultivating mental wellness tips and easing the burden of current stress – 

  • Acknowledge current thoughts and feelings 
  • Giving yourself permission to take time for you – without needing the validation of others 
  • Grounding (earthing) 
  • Going on long walks outdoors 
  • Reconnecting with nature (nature bathing)
  • Call a friend or loved one 
  • Breathwork and Sound healing 
  • Warm baths (add some magnesium salts/flakes) 
  • Dancing/singing 
  • Minimising/avoiding caffeine and alcohol
  • Minimising/avoiding refined sugar 
  • Finding time to cook a healthy meal for yourself 
  • Prioritise sleep 
  • Exercise – low intensity particularly with heightened stress
  • Allow routine to change 
  • Keep a gratitude journal

Mental wellness is something we can all start to cultivate in our everyday lives by making small changes each day and prioritising our wellbeing. The first step is being kind to yourself and setting some gentle, small steps that you can turn into a daily ritual, such as spending 5 minutes to write a gratitude list when you wake up. With consistent effort, you will slowly but surely start to notice a different to your mental wellbeing.

For more from Danielle, you can reach our to her on [email protected].

To discuss your mental wellness or health concerns further, you can book a consult with Danielle here.

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