Heal and Seal: My Clinical Nutrition Journey

Written by Triona, Sol Cleanse Marketing Manager

One of the many benefits of working for a wellness brand is the access to industry-leading knowledge and expertise. While I have always been a lover of Sol Cleanse organic juice cleanses, I was yet to book myself in for a consultation with Danielle Svensson, our in-house Clinical Nutritionist. 

My commitment to health and wellbeing is something to be celebrated, which is why I wanted to share my experience with you so that you too can gain the best chance at addressing any underlying issues that may be preventing you from feeling your best healthy self.

Wellness Goals

My motivation to make the appointment with Danielle was ultimately driven by wanting to achieve long term optimal health. While I would like to consider myself a relatively healthy 38 year old woman, I had recently experienced some gut issues following a trip to Bali. I had also become accustomed to “needing” a daily siesta, due to the exhaustion I felt physically following the past 18 months of global chaos. 

I booked myself to see Danielle, and on completion of my booking was prompted to complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire had me fill in the gaps on my diet habits to sleep hygiene, lifestyle motivators, medications and health goals, which took me about 15 minutes to complete. The rigorous information gathering is really important, as it helps Danielle identify and interpret what’s going on at a deeper level, ahead of the consultation.

Initial Consultation – 90 Minutes

This consultation is structured so Danielle can learn more about you and understand your current health in as much detail as possible. It allows for more thorough discussions and questioning around complex health concerns, through taking a holistic-centred approach. These consults are rebatable with most health insurance providers.

During this thorough consultation, Danielle addressed a number of insights seen in my pre-consultation questionnaire. She was focussed on my gut issues and felt it was having a much larger impact on my health than I had made it out to. Referrals for further testing, such as functional pathology testing, are sometimes recommended based on Danielle’s professional discretion, and on this occasion, she had me follow up with my local GP for some further testing.

A few weeks later my results came back and I had them emailed to Danielle. Ahead of seeing Danielle the GP asked me to come back to the clinic as I had contracted Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) which is a type of bacteria. It is a fairly aggressive form of bacteria, so I was advised to go on a course of antibiotics – and while I don’t like antibiotics, sometimes it’s the better option to fast track an infection from getting any worse.

Follow Up Consultation – 45 Minutes

Follow Up consultations are an integral part of your health journey, as they allow Danielle to monitor your progress and make necessary changes or updates to your treatment plan. This is a time where functional pathology test results may also be interpreted and discussed. Appropriate education is a cornerstone to your treatment, to ensure you feel supported with the necessary tools to not only improve your health in the short term, but maintain this throughout life.

What was unearthed in my follow up consultation blew my mind. We addressed treatment goals, treatment planning, diet and lifestyle non-negotiables and a focus on mindfulness and stress reduction to help aid the process of healing and sealing my gut.

My treatment plan is unique and the specific recommendations made, centre around my health. Danielle formulated an individual comprehensive care plan, including specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations and nutritional medicine supplement prescriptions as required.

Some really important goals that came out of my consultations were:

  • Supporting the integrity and function of the gastrointestinal tract following recent H. Pylori infection and consequent antibiotic treatment 
  • Improving digestion and absorption of proteins from food 
  • Optimising stomach acid and enzyme production 
  • Correct underlying nutritional deficiencies, particularly B12 and Folate 
  • Reduce mucosal inflammation within the gut 
  • Improve energy production 

I am three weeks into my new treatment regime and I can confirm my journey so far has been transformational. My energy is far better balanced, my stomach function has improved beyond belief, and the darkness under my eyes has reduced significantly. I was inspired to share this with you because I am guilty of a quick fix, and felt it was time to address some underlying issues I knew were playing havoc. I look forward to a follow up consultation in 8 weeks time when I have my pathology tests repeated. 

wellness consults clinical nutritionist

Danielle is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist, with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine. She believes no two cases are the same, as each person is unique in their biochemistry and make-up, as well as their lived experiences, which is the beauty of an individualised approach to health. 

To discuss your wellness or health concerns, you can book a consult with Danielle here.


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