Chakra Attunement Guided Meditation

Written by Larrissa, Sol Cleanse Co-Director

The last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost my centre of gravity, maybe you can relate? In my world, too much big stuff was colliding all at once. Covid burnout, running a beautiful but rapidly expanding and changing business, and entering my third trimester of pregnancy for my first child. I have no doubt so many of you have big things going on right now in your lives too.

And guess what took a back seat to all of that? Any form of self care. Isn’t it interesting, when we need to be taking care of ourselves the most, it tends to be the first thing we sacrifice – subconsciously, I’m sure.

As I was lying in bed at 3am unable to sleep again, on the back of a whole week of broken sleep, I reached a mental breaking point. I craved the balanced, centered Liss that I used to drop into so easily. I asked myself, Where did she go? How do I get her back? Is this how I want to enter motherhood? Gulp.

I remembered that I have tools I can reach for in times like these, one being my beloved, foolproof, Chakra meditation. The only way I was going to get out of my head and soothe my frazzled nervous system was to focus on the subtle sensations of my energetic field. So that’s exactly what I did, and it worked.

This process reminds me that we can’t think our way out of our perceived problems. It’s like trying to put out a fire with fire, you’re only going to create an inferno. But we can align ourselves to who we want to be, to how we want to feel, and then allow our thought patterns and the circumstances of our lives to fall into resonance with what we’re now emitting.

So, I’d like to share this very simple process with you. Please enjoy this 25 minute Chakra Attunement meditation, my offering to you. Chakras are portals between our physical and metaphysical bodies. We have 7 primary Chakras and they each govern different organs, systems, emotions and qualities of our lives. When you don’t know where to go, turning to your chakras can be a potent way to create a shift, generated not from your mind, but from your energy field first which ripples outwards into the rest of your life. You are your energy!

I hope it soothes you, aligns you, and makes you feel like a clearer version of yourself. I’ve been practicing it each day this week and I feel different… empowered, inspired and in control. I hope you do too! 

All my love,

Liss x

P.s. this made me realise that the tools and rituals we possess might seem arbitrary at first. But when you really need them, they are there for you, they save you. Even if you are feeling mighty fine right now, sharpen your chosen tools in your toolkit, so that when you need them, they are potent, deeply anchored in you, and they work. 


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