On a Wellness Journey with Michaela Taylor

Michaela Taylor tucks into a bowl of Insight from her Wholefoods Cleanse.

Photography — Michaela Taylor

Sydney-based Digital Creator and Photographer, Michaela Taylor, has carved out a career in curating beautiful, crisp, clean photography and content for some of our favourite brands. We caught up with Michaela during her 3 day Wholefoods Cleanse to discuss all things health and wellbeing.

What do you think is key to living a happy and healthy life?

I look after my health and wellbeing by setting myself non-negotiables. This is something I learned to be very important especially during Sydney’s recent lockdown. 

The basics: daily exercise, 8 hours sleep, switching off from work and my phone, cold showers, meditation, reading, plenty of water and whole foods. Not just when all my work is complete, or when it’s convenient. The key is consistency and disciplineMy happiness stems from a sense of peace and fulfilment in my work, relationships and holistic wellbeing. 

I also believe balance and moderation play an essential role in leading a happy and healthy life. 

Michaela drinks Strength from her Wholefoods Cleanse.

How has your wellness journey changed or evolved in recent years? 

It’s taken me several years to realise that doing nothing is also productive. I used to feel guilty for taking weekends off. I used to think that being constantly busy and having a booked-out schedule was the ultimate sign of success. In reality – true success lies in building relationships, knowledge and your personal wellbeing. It lies in knowing when to say no, and not feeling like you’re missing out. 

I’ve learned that my mental and physical health is the most rewarding investment I will ever make. Making time for myself is not selfish – it just means that I have a full tank to draw from for everything and everyone else in my life. 

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How does spirituality play a role in your life?

My faith gives my life purpose and direction. It is a constant that I know will never change. Especially in today’s climate, ever shifting and evolving; having a solid foundation to build my identity and sense of self is crucial. Knowing there is something out there, bigger than myself, definitely helps to put my world into perspective in the grand scheme of things. 

How do you connect to the community?

In a day and age where meetings over coffee have been replaced with Zoom calls, terms like “social distancing” and “iso” are now common in our vocabulary and the thought of 4 months in lockdown is not so audacious. It’s very easy to feel disconnected from the community.

In my experience, Instagram can be a tool to bridge that gap and connect with collaborators and like minded creatives. It’s what you make of it. Some of my dearest, most genuine friendships were born through Instagram. Friends who have followed and supported my work over the years live on the other side of the world. I’m grateful to have gained clients, and incredible work opportunities through this single app.  I realise that an online community will never be able to replace the physical presence and connection to other humans. However, I do believe it is a powerful tool that teases the potential for connection and a sense of community in the current climate. 


Energise is a spicy elixir which is a great way to start the day. 

What does sustainability mean to you? 

Sustainability to me, means enjoying a life that does not jeopardise that of my future children. Some of my personal tips for contributing to a more sustainable future include shopping second hand, remembering to bring reusable bags when shopping, asking for email copies of receipts, being mindful when recycling rubbish. I’m in no means perfect at remembering these things, but being intentional goes a long way. 

If you’re familiar with the book Atomic Habits, I have used habit stacking to make these tips stick. The concept of habit stacking involves grouping together small activities into a routine which you link to a habit already set in your day. For example, when I get home from grocery shopping – I always unpack the food into the fridge right away so it stays fresh. I have stacked, on top of this habit, the routine of taking the reusable bags right back out to my car immediately after unloading groceries. 

If you incorporate these habits into your daily routine, it evolves into your lifestyle – something you don’t think twice about.

Michaela prepares her bowl of Nurture from the Wholefoods Cleanse.


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