What to do if you have oily hair

 Kerri Brydon (Founder of Zanzi Hairdressing), knows a thing or two about scalp health, and helped settle the great debate on how often we should be washing our hair.

What is Zanzi and how was it founded? 

After having my two girls I made the decision to eliminate toxic products from my home and every day life. It then became more apparent that I was working in an industry that was unsustainable, and that I was using chemicals every single day. It felt contradicting to be living in two parallel worlds. It was the passion to change a somewhat dated industry that drove me to open Zanzi

We strongly believe that its our responsibility as a small business to commit to sustainable practices to be able to offer our clients a service that is not only going to benefit their health but benefit the environment at the same time 

Why is non-toxic / sustainable beauty important to you? 

All of us at Zanzi live as consciously as possible, from the food we eat to the clothes we buy. Sustainable beauty is an extension of that, to be using products that are natural and sustainably sourced is a no brainer. We love to support brands that align with our core values and what we put onto our skin and in our hair is extremely important when it comes to not only the environment but also our health and wellbeing. 

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Our lives are filled with holistic practices from the food we eat to the water we drink, using toxic free haircare and skincare is no brainer and non negotiable when it comes to living an ethical, clean and conscious life.

There’s been some debate in the Sol Cleanse office- how often should you wash your hair? 

This all depends on the person as every scalp is different! Some people can go a week without washing their hair, while others feel they need to wash their hair everyday!  We recommend washing your hair as little as possible, this will help with hair growth, hair strength and shine. 

Shampooing the hair not only cleans the hair but it strips it of its natural oils. Hair naturally produces an oil called Sebum which comes from the sebaceous glands, shampoo triggers the sebaceous glands to produce more oil, so the more shampoo you use, the more reliant you are on shampoo! 

If we wash it too often, how do we break the cycle in the least harmful way? 

It all starts the day you wash your hair. Always gently wash your scalp by doing two shampoos. The first shampoo removes oil, pollution and build up of product. Condition your ends only with a small amount of conditioner. Limit your styling products and try not to touch your hair, this will help.If you are washing your hair every day, start by washing it every second day. After around a month, start washing your hair every third day and so on. You want to slowly stretch out washing your hair, think of it as training your scalp to produce less oil. 

If you are finding it difficult to stretch it out that one extra day, you could try using a Dry shampoo but this is not going to work for everyone 

Should we get scalp detoxes or treatments done regularly? 

A healthy scalp leads to healthy hair so a detox of the scalp once a month is always recommended. We love SCALP.SCRUB and SCALP.SPA wash by KEVIN.MURPHY. 

The scrub is a gentle cleanser which soothes the scalp, cleanses dirt and impurities using micellar water and sustainably harvested coconut oil, a key ingredient is celery seed extract which helps balance the pH levels of the hair and scalp. We follow this with the SCALP.SPA WASH which optimizes healthy hair and hair growth. 

If you could only give one piece of advice around non-toxic beauty, what would it be?

Always use Sulphate and Paraben free haircare that is exclusive to a salon. We love KEVIN.MURPHY products. They are free of surfactants, which are harsh chemicals and detergents that are added to products to act as cleaning agents. Kevin Murphy replaces nasties with ingredients that are provided by the earth. It is also an Australian brand that is built on sustainable practices which aligns with our values of living a clean and conscious lifestyle. 



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