About us

The philosophy behind Sol Cleanse has always been to create the highest quality organic cleanses to take people on a journey towards holistic health, using conscious and as sustainable as possible business practices.

Sol Cleanse began as a home-delivered juice cleanse service to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay. Over time though, the demand for our brand of holistic wellness in the form of delicious organic juice became SO strong that we decided to open a Sydney Sister Kitchen in January 2020, and are now offering Sol Cleanse to our Sydney following too! We also offer Sol Cleanse cold-pressed juices to be sold in select cafes around the Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Brisbane.

Throughout this journey there have been 4 main driving forces behind Sol Cleanse:

1. Provide nutrient-dense organic elixirs and cleanse programs to make people feel fabulous.

2. Connect people to real nutrition and organic produce – enabling them to become more in tune with their bodies and true nutritional needs, and hence more in tune with nature.

3. Support the Organic Industry in Australia (and more specifically local Organic farmers) by spending literally hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on Organic produce. Raising the awareness of the importance of Organic food to allow the Organic Industry to grow – ultimately making Organic produce and holistic eating more available and accessibly priced for you.

4. Sustainability – the environment is incredibly important to us, and sustainability within our business guides all of our business decisions. Plastic-free packaging, a recycling program for our glass packaging and sending our fruit pulp to local organic livestock farmers are just some examples. All of our practices are constantly reviewed and improved to achieve as minimal impact as possible.

Sol Cleanse Directors

Larrissa Cunningham & Miriam Ter Borg Sol Cleanse

Miriam Ter Borg (right)

Miriam created Sol Cleanse in 2012 with a deep passion for health and wellbeing. Her insight led her to launch the first cold-pressed juice company in the region, and began delivering organic juice cleanses to the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay and the Sunshine Coast. Miriam brings a long history of all things organic and holistic wellbeing from an “alternative” childhood (her mother is a nutritionist) full of organic produce, yoga, legumes, and kombucha … way before it was trendy! This love has evolved into creating Sol Cleanse. With a background in holistic health, a degree in psychology, and as a qualified health coach, Miriam is fulfilled by supporting people as they connect with real whole foods, and to themselves on a deeper level as they cleanse.

Larrissa Cunningham (left)

Larrissa joined Miriam as a business partner in 2017 after working for the business for two years as a freelancer. Bringing her experience in business operations and marketing for incredible, authentic local holistic health brands, Larrissa sincerely enjoys contributing to the development and growth of the health sector. Larrissa has a degree in Commerce and is also a Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher and loves to infuse her own vision of holism throughout all facets of the business.

Sol Cleanse Sydney

Sol Cleanse Sydney - organic juice cleanse home delivery sydney - sol cleanse philosophy - about sol cleanse

Katie Watling (second from the left)

After reconnecting with Larrissa at a yoga retreat in Bali and hearing about the humble beginnings of Sol Cleanse, Katie instantly felt connected to the heart of our brand. Katie has studied healing modalities that aim to create harmony between the mind, body and spirit. She believes nutritional cleansing helps us connect to our true selves, recognise what our body + mind really needs, and weed out that which is not serving us. One of Katie’s favourite aspects of Sol Cleanse is the direct relationships Sol Cleanse has with organic farmers who more than deserve the support and acknowledgement for their passion and intentions, from seed to harvest.

Kirk Foster (far left)

It took just one sip of Courage for Kirk Foster to know that leaving the military and making the dramatic transformation into a successful businessman was the right decision. Kirk has always been dedicated to fitness, and was a Personal Trainer before he joined the military. He’s a big believer that the key to recovery longevity is being ‘truly’ healthy on a cellular level.

Kirk and Katie make the ultimate team, complimenting each other’s skills perfectly to ensure the order-to-delivery process is seamless for every customer. We’re infinitely grateful to have this amazing power couple down in Sydney doing wonderful things for our Sydney Sol Cleanse community!

Would you like to be a part of the Sol Cleanse community?

Community is the heart of Sol Cleanse. For the past 7 years, we have worked side-by-side with authentic, heart-driven local businesses, groups and charities to spread wellness and happiness as far as possible. Find out more about joining the Sol Cleanse community here.