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About Danielle

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Being healthy means our mind, body, spirit, and environment are in harmony. Kindness, love, consciousness, connection, and holism are the foundations that underpin what we feed our physical bodies, just as much as what we feed our mind and soul.” – Danielle

Danielle is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist, with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine. She believes no two cases are the same, as each person is unique in their biochemistry and make-up, as well as their lived experiences, which is the beauty of an individualised approach to health.

Forming the foundations of optimal health and wellbeing, Danielle believes diet, lifestyle and prioritising emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing are the keys to nurturing our longevity, vitality and wellness.

Danielle deeply values the merging and synergy of Eastern and Western holistic philosophies to health, which is further strengthened through her ongoing Ayurvedic study.

Danielle’s Offerings

Initial Consultation – 90 Minutes

This consultation is structured so Danielle can learn more about you and understand your current health in as much detail as possible. It allows for more thorough discussions and questioning around complex health concerns, through taking a holistic-centred approach. Following your initial consultation, Danielle will formulate an individual comprehensive care plan, including specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations and nutritional medicine supplement prescriptions as required. Referrals for further testing, such as functional pathology testing, may be recommended based on Danielle’s professional discretion.

Follow Up Consultation – 45 Minutes

Follow Up consultations are an integral part of your health journey, as they allow the practitioner to monitor your progress and make necessary changes or updates to your treatment plan. This is a time where functional pathology test results may also be interpreted and discussed. Appropriate education is a cornerstone to your treatment, to ensure you feel supported with the necessary tools to not only improve your health in the short term, but maintain this throughout life.

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