Essential Oils

Gifts of the earth. Life-force in a bottle. Potent healing potions to bring you back into balance, naturally. We have fallen head-over-heels in love with doTERRA – what it creates, how, and why. We’d like to share these abundant gifts with you.

Nature itself is the best physician.

Just like the philosophy we share around juice cleansing, we believe our instinct should always be to reach for nature first. So many pharmaceuticals are modelled off constituents of plants, why not go straight to the source and skip any possible nasty side effects?

We view our pure grade oils as our natural solutions – our first reach when an ailment occurs on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. We also believe that the power is in prevention, and use our pure plant extracts to support the fundamentals of our health – our immunity, gut, stress, detoxification, nourishment and more. We see these oils as the perfect bridge to align holistic and conventional health care and have a grand vision for the future of public health at large where industries work in synergy rather than against one another, each focusing on their strengths.

Essential self-love

We are totally and utterly lit up by the possibility of helping people to reconnect with their emotional selves & essential oils are the ultimate tool to do just that. It is inevitable that you will develop a unique relationship with the oils that will deepen over time, and certain oils will speak to you and guide you through moments in your life.

We use ritual, aromatic anchoring, aromatic dressing, intuitive blending, space clearing + more as our techniques and allow these beautiful earth essences to be our tools. We’d love to guide you through this process and teach you how to grace your life with these gifts.

Join us for one of our upcoming essential oils classes