Optimise your cleanse

How to get the most out of your organic cold-pressed juice cleanse

You are making a fantastic choice to revitalise your life – so why not get the most out of it with these juice cleanse tips…

Pre-cleanse detox advice:

We have put together a program to help you prepare for your cleanse that will be sent to your inbox as soon as you purchase your organic cleanse.

Preparing your body and maybe more importantly, your mind, for your detox will help your juice cleanse to be as easy as possible and give you the most profound results. Some key points to consider:

  • Clean up your diet (see the table below for more ideas)
  • Reduce your caffeine consumption – this is a biggie as one of the most common “discomforts” that people experience when they are cleansing are headaches from caffeine withdrawals.
  • Make sure you are well hydrated to support the elimination of toxins.
  • Start increasing your nutrition by stepping up your intake of nutrient-dense foods such as green smoothies, fresh cold-pressed juice, raw salads and fresh fruit. Lots of fresh produce (especially greens) will help start your gentle detoxification. You may like to also consider superfoods such as spirulina or chlorella.
  • You might like to try out replacing one meal a day with a liquid meal such as a green smoothie, broth, dahl or veggie soup leading into your cleanse so your body gets familiar with this. Alternatively, you may just like to eat a bit lighter than usual.
  • You might also like to just eat raw food for one or two days leading into and out of your cleanse.
  • Prepare your detoxification organs and elimination pathways. Here are some ideas – start dry brushing your skin, use a natural body scrub (see here), drink herbal teas that support your liver and kidneys (see here), start the day with warm water and lemon or apple cider vinegar, do yoga or exercise in a way you enjoy.
  • Plan for your cleanse. You will get lots of tips with your pre-cleanse program, but you might like to think about what you will need while you are cleansing to have the best possible experience. You might like to consider clearing your schedule of social events; booking in massages, yoga classes and other supportive treatments; and try and lighten your workload if possible.


  • Processed food, packaged food & additives
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol and sugary drinks
  • Sugar
  • Dairy products
  • Red meat
  • Wheat and white rice
  • Heavily cooked produce or fried foods
  • Baked goods – cakes, muffins, biscuits

Replace with

  • Whole foods: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds & nuts.
  • Herbal tea (tea will be included with your cleanse too!), lemon juice + warm water
  • Water, soda water & fresh juices
  • Fruit, rice malt syrup, agave, stevia
  • Coconut, nut, and seed milks, cashew cheese
  • Fish, chicken, vegetable proteins – legumes, peas, tempeh, eggs
  • Whole grains – quinoa, barley, brown rice, buckwheat, millet
  • Steamed, blanched & smoked produce, raw salads
  • Seeds & nuts, carrot sticks & hummus, chia puddings

sol cleanse be light tea included in your cleanse pack - herbal tea gold coast

Need more guidance? You will receive it all with your cleanse purchase. And if you need more? Just ask – we are here to support you the entire time.

Mid-cleanse detox advice

When you receive your cleanse pack of delicious organic elixirs, a comprehensive cleanse program is included for you to follow. Additional to this, we have developed a range of products to support your cleansing process that we recommend using during your cleanse for the best possible results. This includes the complimentary products that come with your cleanse, as well as the option to purchase our Sol Skinfood detox range which will enhance your cleansing process.

Please refer to your detox guide for comprehensive instructions and advice during your cleanse. This will include all the juice cleanse tips and activities you need to maximise the outcomes of your cleanse program.

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