Broth + Greens Cleanse

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A transformational whole being cleanse to service the deepest parts of you: organic nourishment, daily cleanse meditations, rituals, guided mindfulness activity workbooks & movement.

The Broth + Greens cleanse is deep and intense. We designed this cleanse especially for people who are looking to eliminate sugar from their diet, or who are familiar with cleansing and want to take it to the next level. This cleanse is low fructose – the only fruit used is lemons, and the only sweetness is stevia, a naturally sweet, sugar free herb. The Broths + Greens cleanse focuses on the alkalising and detoxing benefits of leafy greens, and the nourishing qualities of your choice of vegan broth OR gut healing, collagen rich bone broth and miso soup. It’s challenging but fantastic – you’ll really notice the benefits!

Our fresh juice products are available for delivery in Nth NSW, GC, Brisbane, Sunny Coast. Click here for the Sydney + Surrounds Store. Your cleanse will be delivered between 4 – 10pm on your selected production date for you to begin cleansing the following morning.



What you will get:

Transformational program

  • A comprehensive pre cleanse guide to prepare you + your environment to ensure you get the most out of your cleanse
  • Daily emails to coach you through your cleanse, we’re with you every step of the way
  • Daily guided meditations specifically designed to ease you through the cleanse process
  • Daily workbooks to extend your cleanse to deeper parts of your life: creating rituals, emotional processes, mindfulness activities + more
  • Access to gentle + nourishing cleanse appropriate movement exercises
  • A comprehensive post cleanse guide to equip you with the tools to turn your changes into lasting habits
  • Email support from the Sol Cleanse team of trained healthcare professionals

Organic Nutrition

  • Probiotics for a healthy gut
  • Psyllium husks to get things moving
  • Be light tea to assist with weight loss & detox symptoms
  • Reusable Metal tea infuser
  • Reusable Metal straw and straw cleaner
  • 6 x delicious organic elixirs per day:


sol cleanse sydney morning kick start elixir - juice cleanse

Lemon, Stevia, Cayenne Pepper, Filtered Water

This spicy elixir is a great way to start the day. A powerful metabolism booster that will give your system a kickstart in the morning and promote weight loss. This combination boosts your circulation and aids your digestive system to help flush out toxins, waste products, and excess fluid. It will also balance your pH levels to neutralise any acidity in your body, and may suppress your appetite (which is useful on a cleanse!).


sol cleanse sydney - balance green juice cleanse - greens cleanse

Silverbeet, Cos Lettuce, Celery, Cucumber, Lemon, Parsley

A powerful detoxifying concoction – this elixir is loaded up with alkalising greens to help you find balance. It can also help to support kidney function by expelling excess water and flushing the kidneys. Like all greens, this juice contains powerful anti-ageing antioxidants and a plethora of vitamins and minerals. In addition, this blend has particular bone strengthening qualities.


sol cleanse zen - miso soup sol cleanse sydney - broth and green juice cleanse - broth cleanse

Soy bean, Rice, Sea Salt, Koji Starter (aspergillus oryzae)

This locally made Miso soup is hand-made from Australian-grown GMO-free certified organic soybeans and organic Australian rice and koji. It is unpasteurised and has been fermented for 6 months, making it a “live” food rich in enzymes, probiotics and antioxidants. Heat gently (preferably in a saucepan).




Mushroom: Slow cooked grass fed Beef Bones, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, Garlic, Black Pepper, Sea Salt


Turmeric: Slow cooked grass fed Beef Bones, Turmeric, Ginger, Black Pepper, Sea Salt

Enjoy the many healing benefits of a bone broth. Most commonly touted for it’s role in repairing the gut lining and reducing inflammation to soothe and heal the digestive system, bone broth can also support us with anti-ageing, beautifying, sleep, weight management, immune system health and is a great source of important vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Adding in super healing foods such as medicinal mushrooms, turmeric and ginger we provide you with a nutritional powerhouse in a jar. Heat gently (preferably in a saucepan)



prana - sol cleanse vegetable broth cleanse - broth and greens cleanse - sydney broth cleanse

Filtered Water, Onions, Garlic, Carrot, Turmeric, Celery, Kale, Coconut Oil, Himalayan Salt, Sea Vegetables

This satisfying Vegan broth will deeply nourish your cells. The goodness is gently simmered from the organic vegetables, then the vegetables are removed to eliminate the fibre from the broth. The sea vegetables will bring you a bounty of necessary minerals which are lacking in most western diets. Heat gently (preferably in a saucepan)

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1 day cleanse, 3 day cleanse, 5 day cleanse


Vegan Broth, Bone Broth

30 reviews for Broth + Greens Cleanse

  1. Leanne Cohens

    This was the easiest, best supported and nourishing 5 day cleanse I have ever done. The juices were delicious and I LOVED the warm broth each evening. Not having to reorganise my life or get bogged down with endless prep work was amazing! The service & support second to none & a fantastic way to break some toxic habits that were no longer serving me. I enjoyed the daily emails with workbooks, yoga & meditations. I felt amazing, had no hunger & would HIGHLY recommend!
    This is going to become a regular practice for me. Thank you!

  2. Charmane

    This is my second cleanse, first five day cleanse. Feel great, my gut isn’t bloated, I feel lighter and more energised. Broths perfect for the cooler weather too and I adore the tea. I would have liked different flavoured broths on day four though just to mix it up a bit, as I was tiring of the same flavours, other than that a good reset for the mind and body x

  3. Kimberly

    This is the most supported and nourishing cleanse I have ever done. The green juice was delicious and the warm broth gave me something to look forward to. I went all in, taking the time to prep, doing the meditations and looking forward to the journaling exercises every morning that arrived via email. Not only do I feel physically amazing, I also gained some valuable insights into my relationship with food and self love. I had a question during the cleanse that was quickly answered by the in house nutritionist. My girlfriend and I cleansed together and both had comments from people asking what we had been doing differently as they said we were “glowing.” Loved doing it with the change of season and can for sure see this becoming a regular part of my seasonal shifts. I’ve been on a vibrant health journey this year and this cleanse really took it to the next level, helping me to break some lingering habits I picked up during Covid and to connect with the results of the good work I have been doing.

  4. Claire Masters

    I enjoyed my cleanse process , I especially enjoyed the broths, it keeps you going through the day knowing you have some lovely warm things to enjoy in the evening .
    I felt great on day 2, heaps of energy, day 3 I was exhausted due to not sleeping that great as you do wee quite a lot during the night but that’s to be expected due to the amount of liquid consumed during the day
    But it’s a good reset and I even lost 2kgs in the process
    Can’t wait to order the winter food pack x

  5. Gemma

    Amazing service, beautifully presented and super fresh! I loved the vegan broth. This cleanse for me had its moments, but overall has put me back on the healthy path I so needed to find. Thank you Sol Cleanse x

  6. Jodi

    After a 3 day cleanse, I felt accomplished and energised. Great product and service.

  7. Cathy S.

    Day 1 was hard as was Day 2 but then I felt incredible by Day 3. I’d do it again every couple of months !

  8. Leanne

    I am diabetic and was really struggling with my health. This cleanse has completely reset my body and I feel so well, refreshed and ready to start a healthier lifestyle.

  9. Fiona I.

    Easy to follow. Great support & suggestions. The green juice was sometimes too green to swallow needed to add more fresh lemon but we got through. Felt incredible at the end!

  10. Anonymous

    Amazing product and service.. just make sure you read all the directions before you start as I didn’t heat a certain elixir that was supposed to be heated 🤦‍♀️

  11. Liza B.

    I found this cleanse so easy, the juices and broths were delicious and I wasn’t hungry at all. After 5 days I feel lighter, fit into my clothes better and feel determined to keep on a healthier path.

  12. Joku Hartley

    Phenomenally healing! By the end of the 3 days my digestive system felt the smoothest it had been functioning for some time! Thank you for the fantastic program, organic nourishment and caring guidance 🙏 Mahalo

  13. Jo Hale

    My daughter and I did the Broth and Green cleanse together.
    We rang each other every day to check in to see how we were going.We had very different experiences which was perfect.
    We did both want to see what would come up emotionally when we cleansed as we both have done cleanses before we know once the food clears often dormant emotions surface.
    The first day was faring easy and did yoga and a lot of self care,by the evening I was start to feel hungry and was struggling but I just kept really hydrated and kept sipping my lovely tea.
    Woke up on the second day felt good but this was definitely my hardest day and I was back at work.
    The third day I woke and felt amazing,I Felt almost euphoric,my skin was glowing and so was I !
    Interesting emotionally I had bit of a incident at work and through this I found my voice to stand up peacefully but with integrity and Strength.
    I truly believe layers of me were been shed.
    That afternoon I cleaned my house again it felt like I was making room for the new to come in.
    I didn’t rush to have food the next morning I felt so grounded and presence.
    When I did have my porridge I couldn’t eat it all!!
    The juices and broth as so delicious and nourishing the miso is the best I’ve ever tasted!
    It’s all mind over matter.
    A wonderful experience which I will definitely be making a consistent part of my Life.
    Thank you Solcleanse

  14. Madeline

    I had a wonderful experience on the three-day broth and greens cleanse! I was super excited when my package came with everything I needed in the box. The hardest part was the two days in the lead-up to the cleanse when I was detoxing off coffee, but I would 100% recommend doing this as it makes the first day of the cleanse MUCH easier. The juices and broths were delicious and provided variety, and the tea, husks and probiotics were the perfect support for my digestion. I would also recommend meditating/resting/doing yoga/journalling, as this reminds you of why you’re doing it – for your body! I also loved the little email encouragement each day, it was just what I needed when I woke up as I did the cleanse alone. It was soo exciting to start eating again and now I am craving healthy, yummy, nutritious food that my body needs. I would definitely do this again when I need another reset. Thank you Sol! Xx

  15. Rachel H.

    Amazing value, lovingly prepared and delivered.

  16. Karen

    I highly recommend Sol Cleanse, the broth and greens were so clean and delicious I didn’t feel hunger at all, having the broth during this time of year was great as it was so warming. I’ve had great results and would not hesitate to repeat my order. Customer service is exemplary and the back up support while doing the cleanse is helpful. Thank you 🙏🏻

  17. Bella

    I recently did the 3 day active cleanse and instantly feel in love with how it made my body and mind feel, so I decided to try the 5 day Broth and greens cleanse. This one is a little different but the flavors in both the broths and juices are spot on.
    I can’t wait to do my next one.

    I couldn’t recommend this local company anymore. 🌻

  18. Karen

    I’m on day three of 5 of the broth and greens cleanse and while its challenging it is certainly doing what I needed. The juices and broths are of the highest quality, the delivery, ordering and packaging is awesome and I’ve ordered again in a weeks time. Thank you 🙏🏻

  19. Kaliya Miers

    I highly recommend this 3 day juice cleanse
    It cleanses your mind, body and spirit.
    It reconnects you back to your body, so you begin to notice the subtle messages your body sends you around food and movement.
    I also enjoyed how stress free this cleanse Is everything is packaged for you and there are beautiful daily mediations which I loved! Thank you Sol Cleanse I’ll definitely be recommending this to any of my Pilates clients <3

  20. Tasha

    Sol Cleanse juices are next level amazing! It wasn’t easy doing this 3 Day cleanse eliminating sugar but it wasn’t hard either. The juices are so tasty! You crave more! Plus the mediations and support are fantastic! I feel so light and healthy!

  21. Briana

    I was so excited when I received my juice delivery. I guess I didn’t realised how hard core the cleanse I had ordered was (please don’t restrict your cleanse quiz to people who submit their email address). Day 1 was very hard. I had a caffeine headache for 4 hours but I knew it was something I had to just deal with. Initially I did not love one of the juices (Balance) yet now, a week later I find myself craving it. I adored the Prana broth and Energise elixir and have since been making wit each morning post my cleanse. All in all I felt amazing by day 3. While not recommended, I did have an apple and a piece of toast with an evening soup (I had accidentally thought I could only have 5 juices a day instead of 6). Nonetheless I lost an incredible amount of weight but more importantly, it reset my appetite and metabolism. I am planning on doing another round of cleansing soon and am in the market for a juicer! I am so glad I did this cleanse- it has triggered a real mind shift for me and I am delighted. Exactly what I neeeded.

    • admin

      Hi Briana, thank you for such a detailed response – I’m sure that will really help people when making a decision on which cleanse to choose 🙂
      Our broth and greens cleanse is definitely our deepest and most intense cleanse. Sorry you couldn’t access your “Which cleanse level should I do” quiz, the system sends them out via email!
      Big love to you and happy juicing!

  22. Patrick G.

    Stunning. Seamless. I achieved all my goals on this cleanse. I felt revitalised and mentally invigorated. Thank you Sol!

  23. Paige

    It was so good and I felt so much more alert and re-freshed on day 2. No headaches and I didn’t feel hungry at all.

  24. Sue-Anne

    My 1 day Sol Cleanse absolutely reset my mind body and spirit!. I thought I would struggle with the juice only challenge but I breezed through the day without feeling too hungry. It completely reset my mind power and I have gone onto lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Without Sol Cleanse kickstarting my mind body and spirit I don’t think I would of had such great success. Thank you Sol Cleanse for the healthy kickstart I needed.

  25. Karen M.

    Great variety and loved them all

  26. Amanda M.

    My body needed a break & this cleanse was perfect! I wasn’t hungry at all, I really felt my body was receiving so much in the way of nutrients. The broths made a huge difference for me mentally as well – a bit of variety & so yummy. I have 2 small, busy children & was able to carry on with our hectic life without any problems. There were moments I missed the routine & social aspect of food! But the cleanse gave me so much energy, clearer skin, mental clarity … I felt like I was on a natural high!! I’ll definitely be Sol Cleansing again.

  27. Quigley Ashton

    This cleanse really helped to kick start a gluten free and candida busting lifestyle. The broths and juices were perfectly spaced apart and quite enjoyable. I have 4 children and having them lined up beautifully in my fridge made it so much easier to cook for everyone else, knowing that I just had to reach in the fridge and easily nourish myself.
    Love your cleanses! This is my second one and I’m so grateful and impressed.

  28. Elena

    I undertook the 3 day Broths and Greens. With trepidation I opened my first Jar, “Energise” to my great relief it tasted amazing, mental hurdle over and I was hooked. I thought I would be hungry, however, I struggled to finish all of the delicious little jars occupying the “Top Shelf” in the fridge. On completion, I feel far more conscious of what I choose to indulge in, I feel lighter in the stomach, less sluggish and quite energetic. Other that one cracking headache relating to my coffee habit, I found it very easy. I plan to do this particular cleanse regular, as the mix between hot and cold drinks was very satisfying thought the day and cold nights.

  29. Joni

    I really enjoyed this cleanse – I never felt hungry and knew my gut was getting a rest from digestion and sensitivities. The warm broth was really comforting and nurturing and I felt great after it was done!

  30. Jannine

    The Broth is just so perfect, it it filling and nutritious which I was delighted by, Ill be doing this one again.

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