Organic Celery Juice – 4 pack

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4 x 400ml jars of organic cold pressed celery juice.

While some of our green juices contain celery, consuming pure organic celery juice on its own is known to function differently than when combined with other green goodness such as kale, apples, parsley, spinach, and lemon.

For optimal results, it is suggested to consume pure celery juice upon waking on an empty stomach to allow it to strengthen your gut for the food that is to come for the day ahead.

Celery is a rich source of mineral salts that act as a natural antiseptic and may help to starve off pathogens and more. Curious? We thought we would simplify it as much as possible and dive into the top 5 benefits of pure celery juice in one of our recent blogs: read our article on Improving Gut Health with Celery Juice here.

Our fresh juice products are available for delivery in Nth NSW, GC, Brisbane + Sunny Coast. Click here for the Sydney + Surrounds Store. Your cleanse will be delivered between 4 – 10pm on your selected production date.


Ingredients: Organic Celery Juice

Our juice is raw, fresh and unpasteurised resulting in a four day shelf life.

30 reviews for Organic Celery Juice – 4 pack

  1. Joanne F.

    Excellent product, great taste
    would love to see it in smaller sizes

  2. Olivia

    I would highly recommend the celery juice. Such a great way to start the day & I find it really yummy!

  3. Steph

    I was really surprised how much I loved this juice! I have had a bloated sore stomach that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of and decided to give this a go. It WORKED! And it tasted nice, and felt refreshing. Highly recommend!

  4. Daniele B.

    I’ll be ordering the celery juice from you regularly. Fresh, tasty & healthy, & so much easier than juicing celery at home.

  5. Brenda V.

    Perfect for a daily clense.

  6. Marney Salmon


  7. Binaca

    Love ordering this, make life so much easier then having to do it myself!

  8. Felicity

    Great product with awesome service. Love buying local.

  9. Debbie Dunn

    The juice tasted so fresh like it had just been made

  10. Jennifer

    Pure fresh goodness, well packed for delivery, its perfect!

  11. Shelley

    The best way to start the day!

  12. Jessica S.

    Love!!! Such a beautiful and nourishing way to start the day.

  13. Christine

    I have used Sol Cleanse several times now and they never disappoint! I enjoyed the celery juices, I wanted a gentle clean in conjunction with a healthy diet without the clean up of juicing while I work, Sol Cleanse helped me do it , I will do this again

  14. Gus Malcolm

    Awesome. Great tasting

  15. Angela

    Love Sol Cleanse! Always delicious juices plus the most important thing is they are Organic Cold Pressed! Yay! I also love that they are located in Currumbin, very handy for me to pick up and save money on delivery.

  16. Zoe T.

    Would definitely recommend however i ordered x2 so i could do an 8 day cleanse and they all were dated best before the 8 days were over. So if doing a cleanse longer than 4 days maybe order 1 pack of 4 at a time to ensure they will stay okay in the fridge.

  17. Anonymous


  18. Anonymous


  19. Rebecca H.

    Hey guys we have been having your celery juice daily for the last month and it has been amazing.

  20. Renee K.

    The service from SOL is very friendly and prompt. The celery juice is perfect. I take it on an empty stomach each morning before breakfast. Highly recommend.

  21. Rebecca HutchIson

    Absolutely love this convenient way of having celery juice daily which has been advised by our GP for 30 days.

    • admin

      Sounds like you have an awesome GP!

  22. Lacey

    Celery Juice is amazing as an everyday juice. I highly recommend to drink first thing when you wake up on the daily. It has always left me feeling clean energized with a flat tummy! I added them to my 3 day juice cleanse and it was quite intense. It definitely kicked the “cleanse” up a notch.

  23. Bianca

    Fresh and convenient.

  24. Jane

    Delicious, fresh cleansing & energising. Prompt delivery too

  25. Jane

    Delicious, fresh, nourishing & great delivery

  26. Jessica S.

    I really enjoyed my celery juice, first thing in the morning on a empty stomach, you feel the difference instantly!

  27. Rebeka Patterson

    Very convenient

  28. Jessica

    Recently purchased the Celery juice pack after reading a lot about the benefits of drinking it. Could not have been happier with the results from drinking it only for the 4 days! Makes such a difference to how you feel! Helps with not only bloating and energy but you just feel good and clean after having it, even though the taste isn’t the best… will definetly be ordering more 👍🏼

  29. Linda F.


  30. Anita Jamieson

    I absolutely love my weekly orders arriving at my door. Sol juice has saved me so much time delivering my juices as opposed to me finding the organic markets to purchase fruit and veges and then making all my own juices. I have a very strict diet due to my cancer diagnosis and Sol Juice makes it easier to stick to the right diet. Celery juice is a must for me to help alkalise my body. Thank you 🙏

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