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Looking for a way to incorporate more powerful plant nutrition into your life on a daily basis? Or perhaps you’d like to try a selection of our juices before committing to a cleanse? Our custom juice packs allow you to receive a parcel of six or twelve 270ml juices for you to enjoy as you please.

6 packs include 1 of each juice selections

12 packs include 2 of each juice selections

Please see below for a full description of each juice on offer.

Our fresh juice products are available for delivery in Nth NSW, GC, Brisbane, Sunny Coast + Toowoomba. Click here for the Sydney + Surrounds Store. Your cleanse will be delivered between 4 – 10pm on your selected production date.




silverbeet, cos lettuce, cucumber, celery, parsley, lemon

A powerful detoxifying green veggie + lemon juice, this elixir is loaded up with detoxifying parsley and alkalising greens, giving the cleanse a savoury balance. It also helps kidney function, expelling excess water and flushing the kidneys. Like all green juice, this juice contains powerful anti-aging antioxidants and a plethora of vitamins and minerals. It may be a bit intense at first but stay with it and you’ll grow to love it!


orange, carrot, lemon, ginger, turmeric

Oxidation and inflammation are two known causes of many diseases – this powerful elixir helps reduce both! As well as providing powerful antioxidants, it also boosts your body’s own antioxidant enzymes. The big hitter in this anti-oxidising, immune boosting juice is Turmeric- a powerful anti-allsortsofbadthings, especially noted for its anti-inflammatory properties.


blue spirulina, pineapple, apple, lime

Take your tastebuds on a journey with this limited edition elixir. Meet our new blue “freedom” juice showcasing blue spirulina – known for its health and wellbeing benefits as well as it’s gorgeous colour – giving you the sensation of wide open skies and inviting, sparkling azure oceans (our kind of freedom!). Sweetened with the goodness of fresh organic pineapples and apples, with a little zest of locally grown limes.


kale, cucumber, cos lettuce, apple, mint

A delicious hydrating and refreshing juice. This anti-oxidising juice is a wonderful diuretic to help flush out waste and toxins. A rich source of vitamins and minerals, this juice is a fantastic remedy for anti-ageing and beautiful skin. Beyond that, it is also very supportive of the cardiovascular system.


beetroot, carrot, apple, ginger, lemon

A classic cleanser, this elixir is particularly known as a blood tonic – cleansing the blood of impurities and may reduce blood pressure. It is also wonderfully supportive for the liver, helping to flush out toxins. The ginger in this juice stimulates blood flow to the digestive system, enhancing the assimilation and absorption of other nutrients, aiding digestion and promoting circulation. In addition, this is a great juice for boosting stamina.


kale, spinach, cos lettuce, cucumber, apple, lemon

This powerful alkalising and anti-oxidising blend is a go-to juice for youthfulness and optimum health. Harnessing the power of chlorophyll in the greens and antioxidants in the fruit, this combo will keep you feeling radiant. Combining greens with lemon also provides an excellent source of easily absorbed iron.

Seasonal – Bliss

strawberry, lime, mint, apple

Inspired by flavour and seasonally appropriate produce, this sweet and tangy blend is a definite thirst quencher. Each of our seasonal flavours are only available for 3 months at a time, so enjoy this organic refresher while you can!

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6 Pack, 12 Pack

Choice 1

Balance, Courage, Freedom, Joy, Love, Radiant, Seasonal

Choice 2

Balance, Courage, Freedom, Joy, Love, Radiant, Seasonal

Choice 3

Balance, Courage, Freedom, Joy, Love, Radiant, Seasonal

Choice 4

Balance, Courage, Freedom, Joy, Love, Radiant, Seasonal

Choice 5

Balance, Courage, Freedom, Joy, Love, Radiant, Seasonal

Choice 6

Balance, Courage, Freedom, Joy, Love, Radiant, Seasonal

20 reviews for Custom Juice Pack

  1. Jane

    I have been using Sol Cleanse juices for over 4 years now, after finishing my Breast Cancer treatment. I originally used it to help flush all those nasty chemicals out of my system.
    I have done 2 cleanses.
    But I particularly love being able to pick my own juices and being able to add that extra little boost of goodness to my diet.
    And the Custom Juice Pack is my go to, both in Winter and Summer for a yummy vitamin boost. Love the pineapple, and can’t wait for Watermelon to come, to mix in with my Green Juices.
    Always great service too, the team are so easy to deal with. I am a SOL JUICE addict now !!!

  2. Dominique Tom

    Absolutely loved the custom juice pack, we ordered the 10. We had a busy week my partner and I, so was great to have a fresh juice every morning with out the hassle of doing it ourselves and they taste amazing. We will be 100% ordering again thank you Sol Cleanse.

  3. Tasha

    I literally crave these juices! My husband is now also obsessed! So fresh and so much healthy goodness!

  4. Summa lock

    Fantastic Juices

  5. Rachel

    Was happy with most

  6. Jana

    Amazing juices, the whole family loves them 😊

  7. Vicki Tansley

    Fresh, tasty and leaves you feeling satisfied

  8. Hanan Khayre

    Great service, third time shopping with you guys. Everytime the variety of products increase 👌🏾 but the quality is phenomenal. Thank you and I highly recommend 😊

  9. Vicki Tansley

    Each juice was tasty and left me feeling good

  10. Joc


  11. Kiki Curtis

    I can’t highly recommend Sol Cleanse enough. I wanted to start the year off on a healthy start. The organic plant nutrition and wellness inspired juices are delicious. Made on the day and delivered in a cold pack. And there is also place’s were you can order them on line and go pick them up the next day. I have been having them now for three weeks. I have so much more energy and my Digestive system is working so much better. They honestly taste delicious, and that’s coming from someone who didn’t like juices, fruit or vegetables. The staff are wonderful, always there to answer any questions, so helpful. And if you email, they reply within a couple of hours. Absolutely wonderful people. 10 out of 10 💖💖💖

  12. Anonymous

    Good variety and very fresh. I love to juice but don’t always get time to do it. Discovering Sol cleanse has changed my life cause now I can always have a fresh just to hand that I know is as organic as the ones I make on my own.

  13. Yasemin T.

    Amazing juices! Super fresh and delicious. I’d definitely buy them again.

  14. jessie

    Amazing!! Definitely will purchase again

  15. sunny

    i love the seasonal juices and have one every day!

  16. Bianca

    Refreshing and convenient.

  17. Rebecca Nelson

    Brilliant – something so special about slowly sipping a consciously pressed juice – love the names and flavour combination – these juices are a heartlifting enjoyable experience

  18. tatjana

    All I can say is I wish these were delivered in Melbourne. The seasonal Strawberry lime juice was THE BEST I have ever tasted, better than any other beverage! My body loved the juices and I noticed a huge difference in how felt in just 2 days of fasting with the juice pack. LOVE LOVE LOVE and will order next time I am on the coast. Thank you for your vision and mission!

  19. Lisa P.

    Loved all the juices and makes being healthy easy and fun. Love the convenience. I have been daily juicing for about 15 years but having the prepared juices gives me a break. Thanks for a great product. One more thing I would say to others ordering is that Sol juices are organic as opposed to other companies using products that have been sprayed. Sprayed produce for me is not an option. So thanks for going organic.

    • admin

      Thanks for your thoughtful review Lisa. We couldn’t agree more – a non-organic cleanse makes no sense to us! X

  20. Emma W.

    This is the second time I have purchased from Sol Cleanse; the first time I did the full 5 day cleanse (clean greens and broths) and this time I incorporated a 12 pack of juices into 3 days along with some plant based eating. I have felt amazing both times! The juices are delicious and so easy to drink, I would definitely recommend!

    • Kitchen Sol

      Thanks for sharing your experience Emma, such a great way to detox by including some whole food salads – keep your eyes peeled for some of that coming to our store soon! x

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