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Workout Cleanse – Sydney Delivery

A transformational whole being cleanse to service the deepest parts of you: organic nourishment, protein, cleanse support, daily cleanse meditations, rituals, guided mindfulness activity workbooks & movement.

Keen to keep working out while cleansing? We have developed this cleanse especially for active people that want to continue their regular routine whilst still achieving the benefits of an organic detox. This cleanse is for people who lead physically active lifestyles and want to do the best thing for their bodies, without compromising on energy and performance.

The Active Cleanse includes a high-quality clean vegan protein powder plus nourishing protein and mineral-rich nut milk smoothies to replenish and repair the body after exercise whilst maintaining boundless energy. It also includes our signature cold-pressed juices and sol cleanse support products (see below for customer reviews and full inclusions).

Our cleanses are made fresh on the day, and are available for delivery in Sydney. Your cleanse will be delivered between 4 – 10pm on your selected delivery date for you to begin cleansing the following morning.



What you will get with your Active Cleanse:

Transformational program

  • A comprehensive pre cleanse guide to prepare you + your environment to ensure you get the most out of your cleanse
  • Daily emails to coach you through your cleanse – we’re with you every step of the way!
  • Daily guided meditations specifically designed to ease you through the cleanse process
  • Daily workbooks to extend your cleanse to deeper parts of your life: creating rituals, emotional processes, mindfulness activities + more
  • Access to cleanse-appropriate movement exercises to action during your workout cleanse
  • A comprehensive post cleanse guide to equip you with the tools to turn your changes into lasting habits
  • Email support from the Sol Cleanse team of trained healthcare professionals

Organic Nutrition

  • Probiotics for a healthy gut
  • Psyllium husks to get things moving
  • Be Light tea to assist with weight loss & detox symptoms
  • Reusable Metal tea infuser
  • Reusable Metal straw and straw cleaner
  • 5 x delicious organic elixirs per day + a delightfully clean protein powder:


sol cleanse sydney morning kick start elixir - juice cleanse

Lemon, Stevia, Cayenne Pepper, Filtered Water

This spicy elixir is a great way to start the day. A powerful metabolism booster that will give your system a kickstart in the morning and promote weight loss. This combination boosts your circulation and aids your digestive system to help flush out toxins, waste products, and excess fluid. It will also balance your pH levels to neutralise any acidity in your body, and may suppress your appetite (which is useful on a cleanse!).


sol cleanse love - juice cleanse company sydney

Beetroot, Carrot, Ginger, Apple, Lemon

A classic cleanser, this elixir is particularly known as a blood tonic – cleansing the blood of impurities and may reduce blood pressure. It is also wonderfully supportive for the liver, helping to flush out toxins. The ginger in this juice stimulates blood flow to the digestive system, enhancing the assimilation and absorption of other nutrients, aiding digestion and promoting circulation. In addition, this is a great juice for boosting stamina.


sol cleanse sydney joy - green juice cleanse

Kale, Cucumber, Cos Lettuce, Apple, Mint

A delicious hydrating and refreshing juice. This antioxidising juice is a wonderful diuretic to help flush out waste and toxins. A rich source of vitamins and minerals, this juice is a fantastic remedy for anti-ageing and beautiful skin. Beyond that, it is also very supportive of the cardiovascular system, helping to maintain healthful levels of cholesterol.


sol cleanse sydney radiant - green juice cleanse organic whole food

Kale, Spinach, Cos Lettuce, Cucumber, Apple, Lemon

This powerful antioxidising and alkalising blend is a go-to juice for youthfulness and optimum health. Harnessing the power of chlorophyll in the greens and the antioxidants in the fruits this combo will help you feel simply radiant. Combining the greens with lemon also aids in hydration and provides an excellent source of easily absorbed iron.


sol cleanse peace+ - juice cleanse sydney

Cashews, Vanilla, Maca Powder, Dates, Banana, Salt, Filtered Water

This beautifying and balancing nut milk is wonderful for promoting glowing skin, healthy hair, and calm sustained energy. It is a useful remedy for balancing hormones for both men and women – helping with menstrual and menopausal issues, fertility, and the fun part – boosting the libido! It can also help to balance temperament, and provides an excellent source of essential minerals and heart-healthy fats.


Chocolate coconut vegan protein powder

Chocolate coconut vegan protein powder

If your considering working out while cleansing, this cleanse is the most suitable option for you. This ancient blend is a pure RAW source of complete protein which contains a unique combination of bio-fermented living ingredients to deliver an easily digestible blend. With the goodness of certified organic sprouted brown rice, certified organic sprouted pea protein, Aquamin (Red Algae) and high vitamin D mushroom powder, this potent formula provides a complete amino acid profile and a perfect fat to carbohydrate ratio for maximum absorption.

This power packed protein contains essential vitamins and minerals – iron, magnesium, calcium, selenium, manganese, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, vitamin C, folate and zinc. It also provides a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, plus it is sugar-free!

Workout Cleanse – Sydney Delivery

The Sol Cleanse programs include everything you need to help you achieve a healthier self. The powerful Active Cleanse consists of organic produce and additional goodies, locally made & delivered fresh to Sydney residents. Considering gently working out while juicing? Order the Active Cleanse today.

This is our Sydney store that delivers our yummy organic cleanses to Sydney postcodes. Looking for our Brisbane – Byron Bay store? Click here.

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28 reviews for Active Cleanse

  1. Jolene Galea

    Loved the emails and encouragement emails from Sol and juices were delicious. Definitely do this when you have a few days of down time, was a bit hard energy wise at work 😊

  2. Judy E.

    This is the 3rd time I have used the daily cleanse – when I get into bad habits – this is the best way to get me back on the right track re my mind and body

  3. Naomi

    Perfect for a busy lifestyle

  4. Chloe

    I highly recommend Sol Cleanse. I have never done a cleanse before and I thought I would really struggle but in my experience, it was enjoyable and I felt full all of the time. Doing the cleanse has definitely changed the way I think about food and the daily emails have helped me set myself up for success following the cleanse. Thank you Sol Cleanse!

  5. Marilyn

    This is the first time I’ve done a cleanse and I regret not seeing the quiz of which one to start with but due to being fairly active I decided to go for the active one I believe if your a beginner to start with 3 days and move on to the 5 the first day was hard but it got easier as 2nd and 3rd day hit I still ate really lightly like nuts quarter of a apple in small pieces I would recommend anyone and everyone one to try sol cleanse there juices are beautifully tasty and easy to drink one thing I did not like was the protein powder be strong I only drank it once😊 bit there tea is lovely I drank cups of it and everything they give you I beautiful and well thought out and there with you every step of the way which is great.

  6. Amelia

    Fantastic – easy to do and great support. No other cleanse comes with the support like this one.

  7. Lisa E.

    I feel incredible and highly recommend a Sol cleanse. I love the convenience, ease, guidance and information it provided. Plus they tasted delicious. Being a PT, highly active and up early I did the 5 day active cleanse and wasn’t hungry or craving. I knew I’d feel more radiant, lighter and energetic. What surprised me was the mental alertness and clarity I also gained. Will be recommending this to people and I’ll definitely do again. Thankyou for the incredible product, service, passion and support you provide xxx

  8. shannon

    the cleanse awakened me to my standard nutritional intake, for which I usually do not place any consideration.

  9. Amanda W.

    This is my second time doing the active cleanse, and I was as impressed with the results this time around as I was the first time.
    Day 1 always hits me the hardest, then I just feel better and better as the days go on.
    On completion of the cleanse, I feel light, energised and refreshed!
    Thank you Sol Cleanse!

  10. Mandy T.

    I enjoyed this cleanse I felt I had plenty of energy and felt really great afterwards, plus the support and customer service was amazing , I also choose to do a cleanse the same time as my partner for support and it worked great for both of us

  11. Georgia

    I enjoyed my cleanse especially day 1, I actually saw most of my benefits in that first day and didn’t experience too many headaches or fatigue what so ever. I was also never hungry.

  12. Dominique Lebel

    This cleanse was the perfect complement to my busy work week. It kept me energised, excited each morning to start the day and truly I never felt hungry or unable to finish my day with my usual yoga. The juices taste divine but the biggest surprise was just the satisfied feeling I felt throughout and how I felt lighter but fueled to combat my daily activities. I can’t wait to do this again soon!


    Fantastic flavours, very easy to drink

  14. Holly

    I cannot recommend this cleanse highly enough! The packaging was just gorgeous, along with perfect guidance which had such attention to detail. I did floor/mat Pilates and walking on this 3 day active cleanse. I did not once feel hungry and wish I had done the full 5 days! I felt absolutely amazing, clear and light upon completing my cleanse. I can’t wait to purchase another cleanse from Sol! x

  15. Carlie

    I felt fantastic by day three

  16. Claire Alexander-Johnston

    I have done this cleanse three times now and absolutely LOVE IT! Whenever I feel low energy, sluggish, or have that 3pm crash, I sign up for an Active cleanse. Honestly, if it was possible, i’d have that lemon cayenne pepper drink delivered every morning- such an INCREDIBLE start to the day! I feel the results immediately. I’m obsessed. Delivery was quick and easy, and I have found it to be brilliant value for money. The little tea dipping thing that comes with the pack I still use everyday. The warm soup cleanse I did in winter because I didn’t fancy anything cold, and found that to be brilliant in stopping the bad eating habits that come with being a mother of three (and snacking all day on random kid scraps because I’m too knackered to actually cook myself a meal!). I think what the girls are doing is brilliant and I highly recommend it from start to finish. xoxo

    • admin

      Oh gosh Claire, your words mean the world to us! We are so happy to have customers like you and love supporting you on your journey. Big love xxx

  17. Julia McGill

    Such a wonderful experience. I had a cold and was resting in bed for 2 if the days. Having the jars all ready to go was a blessing. Would defiantly try a different cleanse next time for the experience but my fav was the smoothie with banana ! Yum!

  18. Brianna-lee

    The first day made me realise who much I think about food. It was challenging but I wasn’t tempted at anytime. One recommendation I can give is, if you weight train please have the three days off. I’m stubborn so continued with weight training regime which made me feel light headed and very fatigued on day two and three. I did eat something light for dinner on my last two days because I was listening to my body. But overall I felt nourished, lighter and super hydrated. The taste of every juice was amazing. My favourite is LOVE – great combo!

  19. Kayla Booth

    This was so unbelievably needed and the way it has made me feel after is so refreshing!! Will be doing this regularly every couple of months without a doubt x

  20. Erin

    Thank you Sol Cleanse! I was a reluctant cleanser but am now converted thanks to your delicious juices, your super-organised program and the great support.

  21. Karen

    I ordered the 3 day Active pack. I was super impressed by the service, packaging and the fool proof detox process. I will definitely be doing it again. Especially so I can make sure the juice jars are sent back for recycling 🙂 thanks Sol Cleanse xx

  22. Sharon

    What an amazing experience with Sol Cleanse I have had. From when I collected my package and opening to notice the fabulous attention to detail with all the information provided. It was easy to see you really love what you are able to offer and truly believe in the Juice Cleanse.

    I came across the information at a Lorna Jane outlet and as I had not been through any type of cleansing process before I reviewed and felt comfortable to give my body the opportunity to eliminate it’s stored toxins in a natural way.

    I became Redundant from my work after 14 years last month, signed up with TAFE to study Health and Fitness on Day 2 of my Cleanse and can honestly say I feel lighter, brighter and my glow is back.

    I am also now looking for a Choc Coconut Vegan Protein Powder like the one used during my cleanse in my day to day activities, it was yummy.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my Active 3 Day Cleanse and can really feel the benefits and recommend Sol Cleanse.

  23. Rick

    I live an active life in terms of exercise with regular high intensity sessions. I am also involved in a demanding professional life. The three day active cleanse was spot on in terms of achieving health goals without compromising my energy levels needed to meet my professional obligations. The juices were tasty and hit the spot in terms of a health system reboot. I was well guided through the cleanse with good support information.

  24. Jodi Belfit

    Thank you so much to Miriam and the Sol Cleanse Team! I feel AMAZING!!! Miriam really assisted me as I fell outside of the standard delivery and really wanted to cleanse! I feel wonderful and have been able to decrease my meal sizes now that I have reset my body!

  25. Jenna

    I ordered a Active 3 day cleanse and I am just going to start by saying how amazing the packaging was! It had so much thought and care put into it was such a lovely surprise to open!
    As for the juices they were all delicious! All tasted amazing! I also felt awesome everyday of the cleanse 🙂
    Loved it!! xox

  26. Kate

    Regular returning customer! Love Sol cleanse!

  27. Rachel

    This was my first ever cleanse. What motivated me to do this was to rejuvenate and kick start a healthy lifestyle for myself. I eat well generally but I do have cravings and give in to them. I wanted to challenge myself while also giving my body a full flush out of all the toxins built up over the years. This cleanse was a challenge but I did compete with no naughties. I had temptations but I came out on top. This cleanse was fresh, sweet and a bit of spice with the pepper in the morning but very refreshing. I plan on doing another. Thanks sol cleanse!

  28. Fee

    This is the first cleanse I have ever done and given this I made sure I chose the best one to try out! My friend had just completed a similar sol cleanse and really felt great so I thought I’d give this one a try. I chose the active one as I train 5 days a week. On the active cleanse I dropped back on my training and chose to use this time to rejuvenate my body by doing walks and taking in the beautiful surroundings! I really loved the psyllium and probiotics and the be light tea was beautiful. I loved the protein powder and found these great i the morning after my walk and at night around dinner time but by far my most favourite was the ‘Peace plus’, I looked forward to this at lunch each day and savoured every mouthful ❤️ I loved starting my day with ‘Energise’ and the ‘Love’ juice with its amazing colour was a lovely morning tea. I admittedly was not a fan of ‘Joy’ or ‘Radiance’ but this is only because I don’t like kale, spinach or cucumber in a juice! When I do this again im hoping to swap these for ‘Courage’ and ‘Wisdom’. I felt amazing after the 3 days and can’t wait to do this again. Thanks so much Sol xxxxx

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