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Fit a juice detox around your fitness regime with the best range of organic juice cleanses Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Byron Bay have to offer. With three available cleanse levels, three lifestyle-oriented cleansing programmes, and an option to create your very own detox regime, Sol Cleanse has everything you’ll ever need to achieve your healthiest self. Choose from our delicious 1 day cleanse, 3 day cleanse or 5 day cleanse options.

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Level 1 – Lighten Up Cleanse

Juicing for the first time? Our Level 1 cleanse programme is the perfect way to get started. Featuring cold-pressed juices, smoothies, nut milk, and dahl, this programme offers a unique blend of natural goodness to kickstart those healthy-eating habits. The six included elixirs boost metabolism, flush out waste and toxins, cleanse the blood, improve the assimilation and absorption of nutrients, promote better circulation, and more.

Level 2 – Refresh Cleanse

Kick bad habits to the curb with our Level 2 cleanse programme. Developed for the more adventurous detoxer, this programme harnesses the antioxidant power of leafy greens, such as kale and spinach, to really cleanse your body of harmful toxins while supporting healthy bodily functions.

Level 3 – Deep Clean Cleanse

Looking for the best juice cleanse Byron Bay has to offer? Look no further than our Level 3 cleanse programme, which is loaded with ingredients jam-packed with antioxidants, nutrients, and living enzymes. Experience the miraculous antioxidant powers of turmeric, orange, and ginger; the circulation-boosting properties of cayenne pepper; the hydrating qualities of cucumber and lemon; and the anti-aging effects of apple and mint.

Active Cleanse

This cleanse is for people who lead physically active lifestyles and want to do the best thing for their bodies without compromising on energy and performance. It includes a high-quality clean vegan protein powder plus nourishing protein and mineral-rich nut milk smoothies to replenish and repair the body after exercise whilst maintaining boundless energy, as well as our signature cold-pressed juice.

Broth + Greens Cleanse

This cleanse is deep and intense. We designed this cleanse especially for people who are looking to eliminate all sugars from their diet, or who are familiar with cleansing and want to take it to the next level. The Broths + Greens cleanse focuses on the alkalising and detoxing benefits of leafy greens, and the nourishing qualities of vegan broths and miso soup. It’s challenging but fantastic – you’ll really notice the benefits!

The Warm Cleanse

This cleanse is best for people that thrive on earth, grounding foods, by having their foods heated before consumption, or with an Ayurvedic constitution of Vata or Pitta/Vata. This specially designed cleanse uses warming ingredients and healing tonics to help rid yourself of toxins, while deeply nourishing the body at the same time. Boost your immunity, keep your inner fire (digestion) strong, and nourish your body to keep you healthy and happy all year long!

The Custom Cleanse

Are you a seasoned cleanser who knows exactly what your body is craving? Our custom cleanse gives you the option of choosing exactly which elixirs you would like to detox with each day. This cleanse offers you the flexibility to detox your way!

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